Life is One Moment

A perspective:

Life as a moment.  If we consider Life as each moment that comes and goes here, every moment that we succumb or give-into temptations of following old habits, especially those that are not what is best for all, is a betrayal of Life.  In other words, every moment we fall back into old habits, we are betraying ourselves as who we really are.

I often meet myself with a belief/conviction that if I do something practical in every moment, it will be A LOT of work that will make me tired and frustrated, while other people are following their habits, entertaining themselves.  Yet time tells all: in the ‘long run’, I have suffered for EVERY instance where I fall-back and give-into the temptation of following an old habit, such as watching episode after episode of TV shows.

Not only does my ability suffer, in terms of ‘intellectual capacity’ and people skills and ability to move myself, I suffer one and equal to my ability to abide and respect the Physical, as what is here as the relationships collectively established in this world.  Right now, I see myself ‘making my long journey/path’ even longer, adding sharp rocks and treacherous bends to my ‘road to Life’ as the road to become effective in my world and my reality.

And it’s only now that I realise the pain of accepting and allowing such consequences to manifest, especially when I have made the mistake before.

So old habits are not ‘comfortable’ as I have believed them to-be for so long; they are the cause of my suffering, as proven by time and consequence.

This process of self-perfection is a process; it’s not going to be like an on/off switch where I immediately suddenly become perfect in applying practicality in every moment.  So here is where self-forgiveness and self-honesty come-in, so I give to myself the ability to work with ‘who I am’, where I am in my process at the moment.

Self-forgiveness and writing self-forgiveness statements is an opportunity to script and learn more about myself, as the automated parts of myself, so I may move one and equal to those automated patterns.  So the common tedious feeling of writing countless sentences, with countless ‘speaking aloud’ moments is bullshit.  It is my personality telling me, “screw being practical; what you want is to repeat yourself, and be God in your world and be all-mighty and all-powerful in your imagination.  What you want is a TV show as a stimulus for that imagination to run wild, for your innermost desires of fame and fortune to run free.”

Sounds nice, until one realise that mental realities are the only reason why we fucked ourselves up so bad; why we can’t revise for our exams, why we can’t earn the salary that we want to earn, why our relationships aren’t as fulfilling as they should be, why there is no happiness in our lives.

Bernard once said something like the following about happiness: happiness is the ability to recognize the physical relationships in this world and act in-consideration of those physical relationships, in every moment.  And that is absolutely true; if we do-not place ourselves in ‘sticky/difficult/clumsy situations’ in every moment, like reacting to someone’s opinion then picking a verbal fight with them, there will be no more reasons available to justify being unhappy.  We will be happy because we do-not let ourselves compromise and contradict ourselves; such as wanting to change desperately, but never actually changing (or seeing any results over time).

Sounds like fun

From where I am, in terms of my understanding of the Desteni message, this is what Desteni is all about: simply finding ways to solve our innermost doubts and fears (finding ways that abide and respect the physical relationships of this world) and discarding that which justifies suffering in our experience, which is all products of memories we have accumulated and given meaning-to, instead of giving ourselves meaning.

Frankly, I do-not care whether the methods/means are normal, or commonly proposed, I just want to live in a way where I may consistently live with integrity.  And in spite of the worldwide silence that attempts to imply that ‘there is some good/integrity left’, that does-not justify all of the atrocities that we accept and allow ourselves to commit alongside the apparent ‘shred of integrity’ left in this world, and the atrocities that we see our world impose and enforce.

After months of frustration in exploring the self-improvement and spirituality industries, Desteni has been the only organisation that has satisfactorily answered my questions about ‘how I as a human being work’ and ‘how do I create lasting, permanent change’ that is best for all.  It has been the only organisation that ever dared to be absolutely specific about the common experiences of humankind and gently, yet rigorously, assess them in terms of ‘working with’ a point to perfection.

If there is one thing I have learnt, it is that brutally forcing oneself to do things does not stand the test of time.  Nothing ever changes because I never really change with that self-ignorant, somewhat violent attitude toward myself and my world.  Actual change requires an accurate assessment of the context in-which we have placed ourselves-in (self-honesty), and clearly state, for ourselves, points which we accept and allow, and points which we do-not accept or allow (self-forgiveness and self-corrective action).

Investigate Desteni, experiment and apply for yourself the suggestions; it’s free with no strings attached.  And it definitely has more potential than any drug, TV show, or obsession can ever have for real self-improvement.  If you are as serious about actually living with integrity as I am, you will not be disappointed.

I was overjoyed lol


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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2 Responses to Life is One Moment

  1. Anna Brix Thomsen says:

    Much Support Here Kasper! Thank you for sharing

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