I Didn’t Want Anything To Do With Desteni

Being a ‘normal’ person, that normally discovers his identity through the words and perceptions of others, I was shocked when, on being open about finding Desteni, that my entire world shifted.  The nicest people in my world became totally different personalities, such that I saw facets of people that I have never even considered before.

Being of a person that is supposed to be a ‘loser’ and ‘loner’, I became highly unstable in terms of my self-worth and self-identity, when all of my self-projections ‘crumbled’ away in an instant, within a virtual reality that I was completely immersed within, and became entirely.

At my lowest moments, at the demonic, cruel and searing opinions of my friends and acquaintances, I have had moments where I was looking for anything, one single inconsistency to have an excuse and back-door to stop participating the way that I am now, which I am pushing myself to be more open-with, in terms of blogs and vlogs, and overall participation on the forums and on YouTube.

The more I searched for that single excuse, the more I became aware of the Desteni message, and the more I realised: when I was pleading for ‘a way out’, what I was trying to escape-from was the unadulterated reality that I am responsible for creating, starting with the smallest point of all = my identity/role within my world in mine and other people’s lives.

And the question of ‘to get-out or not to get-out’ of Desteni soon revealed itself to-be a question of ‘to respect myself and everyone that think and feel and experience like me’ or ‘to spite myself’ with the greatest curse of all.  I have been aware of this curse/omen for several years before finding Desteni, and it is ‘giving myself away to the systems before-me’; after being taught to respect others and not spite them, the system was systematically forcing-me to embrace that very spite.  After all, that’s the only way to become a winner in this world and this reality; to proactively spite others in the name of competition and profit until we have the world that we have today, that is generally of extremes, to say the very least.

After roughly a year of doubting my own decision, seeing what social standing I had crumble away into oblivion, I realise that I have been participating at Desteni for myself; if I were to stop, I would be living a statement that I give-up on myself eternally, and by my own free-choice banish myself to the Hell that is here currently, with an elitist economic system, divisions in class, divisions in nationality, and so many more divisions = separation = opportunities for deception in every way.

Yes, the Desteni message is not about Desteni; it is about OURSELVES!  Our apparently ‘uneventful’ day-by-day participation, and looking at the actual, raw, untwisted truth of what we are sowing for ourselves and our world.  It is about no-longer being intoxicated into fleeting moments of bliss with alcohol or positivity or self-help/spirituality false promises, and actually finding the direct practical way to improve oneself.  I look at the self-improvement industry, the spirituality industry, to see that many MANY people wish to improve themselves, but as I have found out through experimentation, the advice given is vague at-best, and delusional at-worst.

The Desteni message is about addressing the abomination that we each have allowed human nature to be and become: isn’t that what someone called Jesus tried to-do 2000 years ago or so?

Now, I realise that I am in a process of realizing what-the-fuck I have been doing all of these years, within/as ‘learning’/’mimicking’ my world around me to try and ‘fit-in’ and apparently ‘win’ and become a ‘winner’.  And at the moment, I realise that I haven’t fucking known anything about myself, until I began actually taking a good, hard look at myself through writing and self-forgiveness, at the Internet-wide suggestion of the Desteni group.  It’s not about the novelty or originality of these tools; it’s about how effective they are in doing what they are claimed to-be able to-do.

I gave this extremely small, and in a way (unfortunately) esoteric group an equal chance, to realise that this is the real deal.  And for those that actually want to stop perpetuating white lies and ‘spiting thy neighbour as thyself’ in every way, they would do the same.  It is a shame for everyone in this world including me, to accept and allow honesty and integrity to become such a difficult principle to practise and live.

Desteni is a relatively new term, that has been abused extensively by those that actively spite this organization.  Yet this term is solely defined by the participants within the group, that are also human beings.  Almost instantaneously ‘de-humanized’ human beings (by other ‘normal’ human beings), for ‘stepping out of the social norm’, but nonetheless the fact of Life speaks for itself; we are all human beings, one and equal, looking for answers to live content and fulfilling lives.

Time will tell if Desteni is in-fact an example that people can share with each other without fear of being harmed.  Time will tell if the social norms that we religiously adhere to, are honouring Life in every way, starting with our neighbours.  Do we really have to wait that long until we realise that we have to stop whatever we’re doing to this world and ourselves?

The best way to investigate anything is not by ‘word of mouth’ or ‘majority opinion’.  It’s participation.  Join us at Desteni and see for yourself, what we’re all about.  You may discover that the rumours were not as true as voraciously claimed by those whom preach them.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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2 Responses to I Didn’t Want Anything To Do With Desteni

  1. anthony says:

    BRILLIANT–each will realise, they actually have no choice, even the delusions of those who attempt to escape themselves will fall as HONESTY becomes the REALITY each lives as, there is no choice, no where to run or hide from SELF, ultimately, I have found and in that I do not concern myself with the intransigence and inertia displayed by those dishonestly deluding themselves currently.
    I too realised that the REAL Desteni message was the ‘Destonians’ themselves, when they set about the task of responding to those spreading ‘hate’, recently. MARVELLOUS indeed.
    thank you Kasper, I am a human too, a piece of EQUAL LIFE nothing more nothing less.
    ALL the BEST

    • anthony says:

      interestring, and here I am over 4 planetary cycles later having difficulty getting past the word “supposed” at the beginning of the second paragraph.

      “intransigence and inertia” eh! Thanks anthony. I can never remember a word Kasper & others have used there – though know there is one. Is that important?

      I forgive myself for having allowed myself to accept and allow despondency to be a motivating principle expressively

      such a thing… .


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