It’s Not Worth It – Trying To Prove Something In Writing

This has been a point that has frequently come up – the obsessive want/need/desire to try and ‘prove’ the common-sense of the Desteni message to the people around me. To attempt to do this I have ‘squished’-myself into a writer-personality that constantly questions and tacitly mocks the common-sense that all human beings share.

As I result, sometimes I read what I have written only to be offended by my own writing lol

More importantly – I have just realised the self-mockery within accepting and allowing myself to attempt to ‘preach’ the Desteni message, which is basically common-sense practically applied in every context.

While I am mocking others within/as my written word = I reap what I sow, therefore I mock myself in the process. Because to ever dare spite or hate or mock another human being would be to diminish the human being that I am, one and equal to humanity as every person on this planet.

After mocking myself for one session, I feel heavier, with the weight of inferiority on my shoulders – the ultimate tragedy being that I chose to inflict this on myself. If I remember correctly, Bernard once mentioned that an integral part that makes a tragedy is the aspect of free-will, or free-choice. The abuse of that free-will or free-choice to abuse, only to actually only abuse oneself. I imagine that in essence, every tragedy condenses down to this ‘fundamental tragedy’, so to speak.

The disaster of willingly abusing oneself when one has an equal opportunity to support oneself, and in/as that self-support support the world equally.

The inferiority was something that I imposed onto myself as I was placing ‘my writing Self’ into a superior position, attempting to utilise that ‘superiority status’ to somehow ‘shock’ other people to realise the common-sense of it all, as the common-sense of the point I attempt to explain.

In that I am mocking myself as ‘that which I have placed my trust in’, which is common-sense. When I realised within more aspects of my experience, I did not require proof in any way whatsoever about the practical common-sense of any situation. It was just here, undeniably so, ‘tagged’ also with the realisation that if I were to continue the way I have been perceiving the situation before = I would have to deceive myself for that ‘privilege’, if one can even call it that. The right to keep one’s opinion.

So from now-on, I cannot accept or allow myself to ‘separate’ myself into another person that ‘wants to keep his right to his own opinion’ and continue attempting to preach/persuade on, because if I do = I would only be abusing myself, and dividing the house that is myself. And as they say: a house divided against itself will fall. And just to make this absolutely clear and in-writing: who, in their right mind, ever wants to abuse themselves, when they could have supported themselves from the very start, and that start can begin in/as every breath/moment?

Join us at Desteni to see how you can support yourself for the first time in your life. Self-honesty is the key. We made a shitload of mistakes, and its virtually guaranteed that we will judge ourselves for some of them. Hence self-forgiveness is practised, and forms one of four ‘foundation pillars’ of self-support, in the quest to live with integrity, without compromising our money-making capability.

The only reason why I felt compelled to deceive was because I was shit-scared that if I lived with integrity, lived honestly = I would be fucked and deceived by everyone in-sight, stealing all the money that I worked hard to earn = stealing the food on my table, even the minimal amount to keep me alive.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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