Self-Forgiveness Is The Key To The Universe

From the very beginning, when I literally blindly experimented with the application of self-forgiveness, I immediately experienced the benefits of specifying ‘what’ about myself I am forgiving so that I may stop and begin a new life.  Then, I was applying self-forgiveness on the most obvious, prominent points in my reality at the time.

Since participating in the Desteni I Process, I realise how much more potent self-forgiveness actually is, when it is applied in tandem with a clear understanding of how the Mind works.  The effect is cleansing on the deepest level of my being, and just like with deep cleansing one’s digestive system with deep cleanses, fasts = it’s sometimes extremely unpleasant.

From that unpleasantness I initially interpreted my shock as fear, such that I built another layer on self-forgiveness that wasn’t there before.  Since walking through and transcending that fear, and applying self-forgiveness again without it, I now realise what I have been doing = being shocked at the potential that self-forgiveness ‘carries’ in exacting lasting, permanent, dependable change.

And though it may not seem like-it to most people, my transition from self-improvement/spirituality to Desteni was natural for me: Desteni represented and offered clearly more effective self-management tools.  My original want/need/desire that propelled me to explore spirituality in the first place was the point of self-perfection, whether I can live in a way that I actually learn from my mistakes instead of lulling myself back into a false sense of comfort and making the same mistake twice.

What I could never have imagined was the severe amount of backlash that went with me ‘going public’ with these tools, only to see person after person ridicule what I have been doing.  Yet, even when I was completely obsessed with having people like-me, I knew what I was doing to myself, and what I was giving to myself, which was far more supportive than any fleeting moment of praise or adoration can ever give.  It was a kind of self-support that I have only experienced when I was in kndergarten, before social norms and the underlying fears were understood and unerringly lived, at the complete trust in my mother.

So if I were to highlight one point that makes Desteni, and the Desteni I Process, worth more than any mainstream education one can receive, it is the following: Desteni does not breast-feed knowledge and information, or hands us truth on a silver platter; Desteni encourages us to know ourselves, and for every problem that we face = push us to realise that we had the answer to our problems all along.  From experiencing both the effects of conventional schooling and Desteni, Desteni has created an education system that actually encourages its participants to think for themselves, and within that build trust within themselves that they are good enough.

It is conventional schooling, with its disciplinary laws and unspoken social rituals and heirarchies, that verbally and emotionally ‘beat’ a child down into submission into ‘fitting-into’ what is placed before them, instead of exploring what it means to express themselves.  Conventional schooling perpetuates the horrific conclusion that B-grade students will always remain B-grade, and the best are the best just because ‘they’re born that way’.  Just imagine the amount of self-mocking beliefs that are implanted into a person when they are virtually forced to accept this “truth”, this mainstream “wisdom”?

Everyone, even the best students, know how students are smothered into accepting themselves as inferently flawed stereotypes, but no-one dares to speak about it because the teacher will say “you’re rebelling against the system” and cast you out of their circle of trust.  And in many cases, a teacher can make a student’s life miserable beyond belief through carefully measured accounting, tailored to mathematically disadvantage that student.

A lot of shit is happening in school that no-one ever dare speak-up about, because of the belief that ‘if I get myself through this’ = I can put this behind me.  No we cannot: how would you feel to be the ‘next victim’ that is subject to such unnecessary experiences, of prejudice and severe limitation?  What if you were unfortunate enough to be born with a duller intellect, and actually believe and buy-into that stereotypical wisdom bullshit?  What if you knew that someone before you knew about this all along, but did jack-shit to stop this from ever happening again?

Perhaps the ultimate tragedy, that would likely be used by an intellectual/smart student as a righteous excuse/justification, would be the fact that the students themselves tricked themselves into believing self-diminishing bullshit.  What isn’t being considered here is how everyone is giving only one choice for each person to live in this world system: by following the official rules but especially the unspoken ones.  What isn’t considered is that the smart people are only smart because of their fortunate circumstances that happened to ‘complement’ their inherent preferences as personality, the fact that one would be accepting and allowing human enslavement if one is willing to leave a human being behind in/as ignorance.

That’s how inequality and the poverty-wealth divide was pioneered and developed; smart people, not caring about the stupid people, and giving themselves all forms of excuses/justifications to remain quiet and adhere to the accepted and allowed norms of this world; a ‘fitting-in’ instead of ‘here being/expressing yourself’ process.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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2 Responses to Self-Forgiveness Is The Key To The Universe

  1. Judith Anne Dix says:

    Thank you for this information and advice, l would like to know more. I have been beating myself up from making mistakes and l need to learn to forgive myself.

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