Towels: Man’s Greatest Invention Yet?

Fascinating perspective:

Sometimes when I get a towel to wipe the floor, I internally grimace at the fact that ‘I must do this dirty work; no-one will do it for me except for myself’. Yesterday, instead of thinking the same thoughts, I was lazy and started using my fingers to clean some hair (from shaving) from a basket.

“Argh. This is more difficult than I expected. Maybe I should get a towel to wipe the hairs off.” As soon as I did, I realised the ‘advancement’ in efficiency and effectiveness that the towel embodied, compared to my two hands in wiping stuff off. And from then on, every time I use a towel to do something, I recognize the convenience it offers, that most people, including myself, tend to take for granted.

We are given these tools at birth without any ‘background’ or understanding of the development of these tools, as simple as a towel.

A more intricate, mature example would be my experience with Notepad. I enjoy the speediness and simplicity that Notepad offers, so I almost exclusively use it now for any writing that I’m doing, be it process blogs or self-development logs or noting prices: I do it all on Notepad.

Today I was writing up revision/reference notes for the skills I require developing to have a successful interview, and as I was typing them up on Notepad, I eventually realised how convoluted the material seemed in paragraph form and bullet-points alone. Which immediately led me to the prospect of using Microsoft Word again, with its wider possibilities for page layout. Again: before walking through this experience, I thought Microsoft Word was a nuisance for how complicated it was, with all of its multilayered windows and options and abilities. But after experiencing the limitations of Notepad, I now understand and come to appreciate the possibilities that Microsoft Word offers, perhaps at the cost of simplicity.

But not really. There are plenty of tutorials on how to achieve specific results that I want or require, and being so readily available, I would be crippling myself if I allowed myself to be too lazy to look them up and learn. And practise until I get the point. Everything’s here, waiting for me to access them as I require. The only point that prevents me from doing-so is my ego, as my likes and dislikes, just like how I used to dislike Microsoft Word.

I immediately see this sort of understanding transferable to other areas of life, so I invite everyone to consider how tools ultimately make life more convenient and practical, compared to doing everything, literally with our two hands and feet.

This could be a ‘small’ realisation related to a ‘big’ one that ‘everything here is here to support ourselves’/’everything is here as self-support’

A more relatable example of this: time management as writing plans/goals with specific time limits.

I used to internally scorn myself writing these plans to utmost specificity, because I always thought that freedom was in the ‘unstructured’ and ‘unpredictable’ and ‘spontaneous’.

After a few weeks of experiencing my ‘freedom’ – how I have defined freedom – I am not living one and equal with the time I spend in each day. Time just has the audacity and skillfulness and elusiveness to always ‘slip from my grasp’, where I would start the day, have a bunch of unclear activities that I did, and then before I felt I could do something for myself = it’s the end of the day. Start, end, start, end – with very blurry accounts of what happened in-between.

Generally, what happened in-between is my participation in thoughts, worries, daydreams, ideals, striving for perfection as a perfectionist. And that was Hell: I just wouldn’t allow myself to accept myself for ‘who I am’ here and finally work with the real ‘I’.

Today I, for the umpteenth time, experimented with structuring my day with a plan. Only this time, I added extra columns to my table: a time limit column, a start column, an end column, and a checkbox (because I feel a delusional sense of accomplishment checking checkboxes = a point to self-forgive and bring the point back to Self).

I’m only halfway through my plan, that took about 10 minutes to write, and I have just done one thing specifically focused on developing my skills. Instead of entire days, leading to entire weeks, dedicated to ‘developing my preferences as my likes and dislikes’, if that’s even possible. I was just repeating and validating my likes and dislikes rather than ‘develop’ them. Time-looping.

Walking through both ‘extremes’ in relation to time-management has been insightful. I now realise that time-management plans are here to assist and support me to get self-disciplined, not to chain or bind me to a schedule and suffer because of it. I set the schedule at all times, so when I live self-discipline as one and equal with me = I am finally doing/living/accumulating the things that I want to be/live/accomplish/fulfill.

No one can save us from ourselves; join us at Desteni and structure your day into the kind of day you want to live-in, to be able to be the best person you can be, making the best world that can be as Heaven on Earth.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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