The Ridiculously Rich and an Equal Money System – the HORROR!

Equal Money FAQ: What will happen to the elite in an EMS (Equal Money System)?

First and foremost, there will be no revenge sought against the elite.  The reason is because we WILL realise that we are each equally responsible for the creation of an elitist class of human beings, and therefore from a certain perspective the elite is a byproduct of our own fantasies of greed.

The delusion that the elite have power over people will be dispelled, and people will realise what power actually is = who we accept and allow ourselves to be in every moment of breath.

Now, the elite will be stripped of their free-choice to suppress and take advantage of the masses through money, and will be called and expected to participate as equals to the previously poorest people in the world.  The previous spite and selfishness embodied by the elite will not be supported in any way, and from that perspective = there will no longer be an elite defined as an exclusive minority with special powers as the ability to manipulate and deceive themselves and their reality through money.

Whether they will willingly forgive themselves and start a new life as equals is up to their own decision; because most of the elite has been saturated with positive philosophies specifically designed to obfuscate reality and create a delusional ‘I’ that defines spite as power, and specifically taught to follow their own dreams as their own egotistical wants, needs, and desires = I would estimate that not many elite will be willing, and throw many emotional tantrums.

Eventually they will realise that who they are, reflected by a substantial part of their skills, has become irrelevant and more specifically has been designed to serve their own greed = skills designed to deceive.  Some will realise how they are making themselves irrelevant and redundant by continuing to throw tantrums and perhaps even stop and reconsider their accepted and allowed beliefs.

The starting-point of greed, that both the majority and the minority the elite lived as themselves, will be made irrelevant in an Equal Money System so that what is best for All as Life is relevant; greed made irrelevant to make Life relevant.

The process that the elite will walk, that those at Desteni are currently walking and eventually the majority = is exactly the same.  We realise the extent we have abused our reality to delude ourselves, mostly react in regret, guilt, and shame for a moment, and then forgive ourselves until we render ourselves capable yet again to consider ourselves, as defined as all Life as One expression, where all parts as every single human being, plant and animal express themselves as Equals.

The previous thought-mechanisms, founded on greed, that supported a power-hungry and power-laden elite will cease to exist, therefore the elite will cease to be elite = and once again, be human beings living alongside other human beings, in a global initiative to educate each other on what it means to practically support Life and the Life that is ourselves, one and equal.

There will be no special treatment in any way in an Equal Money System: once a basic understanding of Life is established, there will be no worship or slander of the elite because that is special treatment, of positive and negative polarities.

The practical manifested consequences that we inflict on ourselves, when we participate in the Mind as positive-negative emotions/feelings – the assumptions and beliefs we make about ourselves when we spite the elite – will ultimately make us realise that we must stop if we are to begin honouring ourselves = Life, as what is best for all.  Those committed to what is best for all will do everything humanly possible to give to others what they would have given to themselves.  The elite will just be another person, walking their process of self-consideration as life-consideration, in an Equal Money System.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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