Time Management Tool: Ratios

Test: Time Management Tool

Ratios.  As a measurable indication of one important part of effort as time, I will log the proportion of time I place into each activity, and ensure that the ratios that I establish daily are reflective/equal to the priority of each responsibility.

While real effort, willingness, and dedication/commitment is within/as ultimately accumulating practical results – because EVERYTHING I need to do that which needs to be done is already here – if I do not dare to place myself in the ‘deep end’ as actually do/practice = I will never progress in expanding my living definition of self responsibility.

Real effort – that which can be trusted – is when I place the necessary time AND attention as starting point to complete the task at hand.  So when I create a constant period of time to practice studying for example, in the entire equation of real effort, I am taking care of one variable as myself as time.  Then I can, with greater clarity, focus on the point of attention as starting point.

Ultimately, I understand and realise that doing what needs to be done, in all of its different facets/details/forms, IS POSSIBLE and I CAN DO IT PROPERLY.  So, I accept nothing less than to commit myself to the task at hand – that which I have identified as what needs to be done – and complete it.

I understand and realise that any difficulty I face with doing what needs to be done is difficulty that I created against myself.  I realise that I am responsible for giving myself a hard time as difficulty, so within self intimacy I realise, in absolute specificity, how I am making my life difficult and I stop.  In self honesty I realise the beliefs, memories, fears, and desires I have been holding onto for dear life, and also realise that this does not have to be my life, and I can redefine myself to live a life that is best for all: nothing is more worthwhile than living a life that is best for ALL.

I also understand and realise that change has to be difficult – but certainly not impossible.  It has to be difficult because I have become my own old habits and patterns, and I am walking a real time PROCESS of stopping the old logic/excuses/justification/explanations to establish the logic of what is best for all, in thought, word AND deed.  Every critical moment of self change will be a moment where in my mind, I have done the most treacherous and damaging thing to myself, while my writing has proven that if I do this = I will live and stand by a principle of what is best for all.  Those with the same or similar habits or patterns will react because I am doing that which both of us has feared; the only difference being that I am daring to cross the divide and unify the divide between myself and reality, to do what is best for all and have everything to show for it.  From this perspective, other people are supporting me by being points of temptation; if I am found wanting, I will time loop and have to start from zero again.  If I dare to stop my needs/wants/desires to do what is best for all, then I will move forward and not have to look back ever again because I will have no fear; there is no fear when I know, in self honesty, that I am constantly finding and applying ways to do and live what is best for ALL.

My mind has only proven that I will lie, cheat, and deceive to any extreme to save my own ass; while my writing is continuously being designed to identify what is best for all, and the specific self applications of ‘what to do’ to do that which is best for all.  So I when I am at the breaking point between what is best for all and my own desires as fears – and my desires are screaming for dear attention – I will dare to trust my own writing as the practical script I have prepared to walk that which is best for all; I will dare to stop trusting my own Mind which has only proven one thing: that I will compromise everything in existence to get what I want, at the cost of everything, like the extreme cases of drug addiction we hear of in the world today.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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