When You Think About Something, Consider…

Watching videos is like a physical reflection of participating in the Mind: there are words, tied together with pictures, slapped together with thoughts, emotions, feelings about the tiniest most irrelevant details.  A pitcher of water can be/become the most meaningful object to your entire existence when you participate in the Mind as imagination.

Yet no matter how involved I can get involved in my imagination, I am never part of it: it remains a picture, with words, attached with more silent loud words as thoughts/emotions/feelings about the pictures and sounds.  Compared to reality, that stops for no person = very limited.

In imagination only I exist as energy and all participants are devalued into mere props to generate that one special emotion/feeling as one moment happen, so that for the rest of the trillions of moments I have may be spent reminiscing about this one moment.  Yet in the living breathing nature of our human body for example, every breath is as valuable as any other because if we ever miss one single breath = we will die.  We cannot reserve or book ourselves to breathe for several moments while we do something else – we either breathe to continue living in our human body, or we stop breathing to which we simply pay the consequences.  Also note that we cannot store several breaths for later; we always must give to receive.

Our one decision of to breathe or not to breathe is also not only about ourselves: it involves every part of the human body because if we do not breathe for ourselves, not only do we suffer, every single part of our human body is forced to suffer for our free choice to stop supporting the part of ourselves that ultimately determine our existence.  We call someone dead when we leave our bodies, yet somehow we have held a double standard of only seeing ourselves as living if we think thoughts, emotions, and feelings about past moments that have long gone.

Whether we like it or not – whatever emotion/feeling we have about whatever – the past is done, with consequences that we must inevitably face.  Clinging onto the past, reality will always accumulate back to the decision: but you are not the past, your life is passing you by while you dream about the past.

I’m writing about this now because since turning 18, I have been facing a few stereotypes of growing up.  Namely, the growing tendency to want/need/desire to feel elated about the past as part of the normal way to ‘grow up’.  Well, that’s more like a shrinking down into irrelevance because the past is gone: it’s done.  The nature within/as every moment that I used to savor as a child, that enabled me to move/direct me into whatever position I am in now, is being suppressed for something called the past.  What is the past: a selective self created beauty pageant for words and pictures and thoughts/emotions/feelings to create and sustain an idea about who I want/need/desire to be.

Strange: what about who I am now, as a direct consequence of all that I have DONE in reality?  Wanting/needing/desiring to be some kind of person implies that I am not that person yet, so who I am becomes a living contradiction when I want/need/desire.  On one side of the ‘I’, the ‘who’ is the precise and specific machinery of belief systems that drive me to action, and on the other side of the ‘am’ is the person I want/need/desire to be.  So what happens, what will have the last say, reality as the ‘who’, or energy as imagination as the ‘am’?  Clearly as we must participate in reality to continue living on Earth, the ‘who’ will always periodically crop up to remind us that we are not who we want to be.  Yet in the arrogant self righteousness of our Mind and imagination, we ignore that which is giving us Life to continue to attempt to manipulate, persuade, and control reality to suit our wants/needs/desires as Energy.

Very strange, how over the period of years I had to realise this common sense, that I refused to live in trust of reality as what is here, not of the past.  Also, how I have placed fanatical trust in the past as what I had done in the past to live a life of success and virtue, without even first realising the consequences I have reaped from the past within/as my living example of who I am here, reflected in the habits/patterns I have that occupy time and my attention almost automatically.

So in this self created conflict between past and present as hopes and the future as ambition, how can we return to Life?  As a first step, when reality slaps us in the face, we might as well accept that we are indeed living in a reality where there are certain specific things that we cannot control.  We have to breathe, and we have to make a decision to breathe in every moment.  When all else fails, we have to realise and act in the consideration that we have to breathe.  Life allows the creation of money to exist to control parts of Life in the name of good and evil, but money cannot make or give Life without Life’s help, individualized as each human being’s participation and contribution to their own inner space reflected in the outer.

We have to get real.  If we are not willing to change ourselves first, we give everyone the permission to do the same.  The human driven phenomenon of Westernization has done an excellent job in uniting people’s interests to translate into trillions of dollars of business.  It’s time we use our drive to unite our interests into one interest of honouring and respecting the one point that makes everything possible: as humanity has been manipulated as a group, we require standing as a group to rearrange our efforts into something more humanitarian than a world that leaves over half the world in poverty.  Whatever we are doing, we are not the first ones to come up with that dream.  Let’s stop underestimating our neighbours.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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