Day 65: Tough Character Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to show that every judgment I make of myself is useless because what REALLY defined who I am in this moment was my acceptances and allowances in the past, that manifested into action and time commitments, and the ONE point that everyone has access to change these acceptances and allowances is HERE in this moment of breath: empty of any judgment from the past, present, or future.

I commit myself to show that toughness has nothing to do with protecting/defending against others, and like every word that we use, is directly subject to who we are within/as the word.

I commit myself to show that toughness has nothing to do with the amount of survival skills or the variety of situations and circumstances I am able to direct with my survival skills.

I commit myself to show that a ‘baseline level requirement’ of survival skills to survive in this world is NOT an excuse to judge myself to be inferior and give into retreating into apparent treats of positive energy experience.

I commit myself to show that because of the nature of the Physical, what matters and is the actual cause of each person’s experience in themselves and their world is themselves; I am the actual cause of my experience within/as myself and my world, NOT how many or how potent my equipped weapons/survival skills are in protecting/defending myself against the world in separation of myself.

I commit myself to show that because of what the Physical is, the only point that has ever supported or sabotaged/deceived me has been myself, and whatever survival skills I have equipped myself with through time and diligence has only been equipped according to the preprogrammed algorithms of the Mind/opinion, in abusing creativity to protect my own opinion at all cost.

I commit myself to show that the ONE point that defines who I am in my world – effective/tough or not – is my decision, and whether I am willing to, in real time, REAL-I-se my decision of who I am within the equation of DECISION + DOING; that in no way considers EXPERIENCE. Obviously, regardless of how much or little I have built to effective participate in my world and in myself, I have always been here absolutely available to live/apply any decision in what will ONLY support my living/applying of any decision = walking the physical real-time process of living in exchange for deleting the delusional fantasies/ideals I have placed within/as a graven image in my head, that has caused more difficulty than anything I have ever imagined within the bounds of my own self imposed limitation as the Mind of thoughts/emotions/feelings/characters.

I commit myself to show that the accumulation/hoarding of various survival skills creates the inner experience of unpredictable danger/fear of survival, as I see reflected in the danger of others the danger I have created myself to be to/towards other people; never knowing when I – ‘submerged’ within my thoughts/judgments/opinions – will be provoked to employ the skills I have designed to impose my will on others.

I commit myself to stop giving others reasons to deliberately harm me by/through stopping myself from deliberately harming others.

I commit myself to show that I am NOT tough/effective in supporting Life on Earth when I accept and allow thoughts/emotions/feelings of fear to dictate who I am within/as the skills I develop and use daily in my life, that inevitably affects all.

I commit myself to ensure that EVERY skill I develop and apply from now on, from the beginning, is a decision that I made within/as Oneness and Equality and for those that were designed within/as self interest/greed/competition, I commit myself to realign such skills to only accumulate what is best for all, with applying the tools of writing, self forgiveness, self commitment statements, and making a Real decision to live what is best for all = to walk the process required to realign every detail/dimensions of my beingness within and my movement without to what is best for all, in that recognizing the value/significance of the smaller in its relationship with the greater by/through applying myself one moment at a time.

I commit myself to show that protection/defence can only exist if/when fear of survival exists within me, when I participate in that fear. Therefore I commit myself to investigate the process I have triggered to participate in fear of survival, when convinced that I must protect/defend myself at all cost by/through walking the tools of writing, self forgiveness, and self commitment statements.

I commit myself to show that to be tough/effective to place myself in a position in the world to support all, I require remaining here with myself no matter what I realise I have accepted and allowed when/as I walk to face myself in greater detail.

I commit myself to show that the self awareness required to respond and be responsible for the world as myself only develops when I stop violently moving/driving forward in ambition or fear, as I have within/as developing survival skills because of a belief system I created around/about toughness.

I commit myself to show that when I fear the world within/as fear of survival, I am in fact fearing myself.

I commit myself to stop fearing myself to instead take self responsibility from the start, within/as every moment of breath to practice living/applying the decision of who I am: daily practicing the tools of writing, self forgiveness, self commitment statements, and breath.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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