Day 95: Doing Wrong, Continued

I Forgive myself for accepting and allowing the belief that I am forced by the World System, as the tacit agreement of the majority, to adhere to absolutely specific habits/patterns of participation. I Realise that while, from a certain perspective, this is somewhat true, I have left myself with yet to state/apply a decision of who I am within this, and until I am willing to decide for myself, the inner friction/conflict with this point will ensure that I will never see/realise/understand what I can do to live practically in this world. I Commit myself to identify and stop all ‘hidden secret personal wants/needs/desires’, in Fact make the decision to live/walk what is best for all, and then face my own likes/dislikes about each point, ensuring that in each step I do not entertain any fears because fear is a backdoor excuse from facing my own accepted and allowed Creation.

I Forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear me being forced to rely on other people’s opinions about me to survive in the world, such that people are interpreted to be the real gatekeepers that determine in real-time whether I am ‘in’/survive/sustain a job or ‘out’/die/lose my job, where my own fear has justified the belief that one single wrong move in the eyes of others will equal my real death of having no money to support myself with. I Realise that this opinion, based in fear, is one clear example of how fear generates more fear, when the real matter has not been looked at deliberately: where am I in this equation? What have I decided to do? Where in this statement have I actually faced myself in self honesty? Therefore I realise that observations about others BEFORE I have established who I am in relationship to others, inevitably becomes a statement of blame to avoid taking responsibility, while it would have been equally simple to face and delete all fears/wants/needs/desires before observing others to ensure that I do not distort what is here to my own self interest/what I want to see. I Commit myself to show how participating in any fears is stupid because fears never do what needs to be done. I Commit myself to show that because we are always responsible for what is in ourselves and our world, that until we face ourselves in the totality of what we have created = we are still not willing to change ourselves in fact, and to beat around the bush about this fact is just self sabotage that wastes our own time. I Commit myself to show that responsibility can only be taken by/through absolute self intimacy, which certainly cannot exist when I am still participating in any fears or judgments about myself/others. I Commit myself to show that everything becomes much simpler when I have properly ensured and measured that I have taken responsibility for myself in a situation/circumstance/event. I Commit myself to show that in a process where only I can be the evidence that I have taken self responsibility, each day is a tool in which I am able to measure who I am in the reflections of what I do and do not do, where time proportions become useful indications of my real priorities: whether these manifested priorities – which I alone accepted and allowed to become a priority – are just wants/needs/desires or priorities made according to what is best for all. I Commit myself to always support myself wherein no matter what happens, I am here to support myself through what is here by/through applying simple principles like stopping all participation in thoughts/emotions/feelings as reactions/opinions/backchat etc. and redefining breath to be a moment to remain here, aware to stop myself when it happens, often automatically. I Commit myself to show that the most sophisticated and effective examples of living are equal and one to their most basic practices that are applied as breathing, therefore what I accept and allow in each breath is what is important, rather than the picture-perfect visualisations of what perfection can be/feel like.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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