Day 110: Working Hard

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to expect myself to miraculously achieve every standard with doing less and less work. When/as I see myself judging myself for how much work I am doing to manifest one point such as a habit or passing an exam, I stop and breathe. I realise that no miracle exists: everything that I have passed up to this point has in fact been a result of my work as daily practice. I commit myself to stop judging what I produce through daily practice, to instead accept what I can do in this moment given my starting point, and to clarify my starting point and not accept or allow backchat to determine my starting point with myself.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to interpret my own weaknesses as opportunities to criticize and slander myself to justify my own opinion that I am not a human being worthy of being confident in who I am. When/as I see myself reacting to my own weaknesses in self judgment and thoughts about the weakness, I stop and breathe. I realise that I accepted and allowed the point to remain weak, and therefore I simply require walking a process of daily self commitment to develop the point to effectiveness and practicality. I commit myself to accept the effects or lack of effects I have already accumulated as weak points, to instead utilise my attention in walking each moment to perfection as what I can do for myself in each moment; I commit myself to not indulge, compare, or judge myself according to mental ideals I have placed in my head and projected onto people/events/circumstances.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed the belief that the most intelligent people produce the most results with the least work, and in this tried to apply this to myself where I expected myself to produce more results with less work in the hope of being seen as intelligent and within this worthy of people’s acceptance. When/as I see myself judging myself for apparently not producing enough results for the work I am putting into a task or project, I stop and breathe. I realise that up to this point, I have been somewhere up there in my head hoping to produce results without doing any real work, so if I find my actual work and the results produced as underwhelming, I realise that this is an indication that I am still attached to making my fantasies of being an intelligent person come true, as being/becoming that person that apparently does not work yet produces amazing results. I commit myself to assist and support the reality of myself as the actual results I produce from my work in reality by/through not judging myself and instead making the most of daily practice and letting go of all reactions to/towards the results I produce.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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