Day 152: Breaking Silence

Okay, so I can’t just take care of myself first, in terms of only caring about my own Mind first because that is what I basically did for two decades. The consequence is self interest, isolation and separation from what is here, which is the only way I am able to live decisions that are not common sense.

The process is to consider ‘more’ than just myself, realise that I have accepted and allowed this entire world to be the way it is right now. STARTING with my world, the very state of my relationships are my responsibility alone. Such as the state of my consistency and discipline, the state of my stability within myself within/as breath, the state of my process and of doing assignments and handing assignments in on time.

In this entire process to birth myself from the Physical, first the old must die; all of my mind BS must vanish. The one point that remain consistent throughout is this physical reality, as what I am aware of within/as my human body, and what myself and others physically speak/do.

So this is why the Physical is the key. The one point I can trust to remain stable throughout facing myself as the Mind, and my reflections of my Mind within/as this world.

Translating this knowledge into practical application = REMAIN in human body, BREATHE, BE HERE in physical reality, BE HERE to see the shifts of my mind. Anything ‘more’ than what I physically see, hear, and touch is the MIND = simple.

In this, stability would be to make sure that my awareness in fact place physical phenomena at FIRST priority, so that means: make sure I do not retreat into myself, because what I retreat into is the Mind, physical reality is here and cannot be held close or placed at arm’s length.

Then the next dimension from the point of “having nothing” within/as this process, is the simplicity of “who I am is what I do and create as my world”.

In a way, once awareness has been established, the one point I require to direct alone is what I do as who I am. This point is simple because at ALL times, for ALL people, what I do is measured through space and time physical reality breathing. Breathing itself is complete unto itself, with no standards or goals or minimums to achieve. Everyone breathes here through the equal and one physical processes, transcending all race, income level, prestige, goodness, badness.

Process is long, but simple because at ALL times, for ALL people, THE PROCESS IS EXACTLY THE SAME! Face your OWN mind creations as thoughts/emotions/feelings – three points – , understand exactly how they work, their impact on this physical reality in ALL its dimensions. No matter what personality, or conditions = the process is the same. So, in a way, process is about practicing my self application in one moment because an entire life is equated through moments.

Notice how I intrude on no one but myself, so note when others slander and abuse in fact: they are the intruders that are using their free choice to stop me. Notice how they cannot stop me through no action at all, and in the end: I decide what I do, what time, every single detail of how I do a task.

Fascinating how people have to shout and scream and cuss at me, with no guarantee of success, while I make one Real decision and then I do it. From the decision onward, the only obstacle I ever face is myself, my own mind creation. Rinse and repeat understanding my own mind creation.

Another fascinating point is that because we are all human beings – no matter what possessions we have – when I stand for understanding what I have created as my Mind, I am inviting ALL human beings to do the same for themselves; so like using the same mechanism that I brainwashed myself with in reverse, to birth Life from the Physical. All the odds are in favour of my decision going through; what kind of mind BS do I have to deceive myself with to fail to walk this process through the benchmarks available?

Journey to Life blogging, rating blogs, writing, doing everything necessary to live in this world system, but not of the world system.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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