Day 158: Will Brute Force Exist When Equality Exist?

This is a question I’m trying to answer:

To enforce laws of the land, the system will apply force, including: taking away your money so you have no way to have food, taking away your relationships so you have no way to access money and therefore food, attacking your ego through words and actions and behaviours, attacking you physically by/through physical actions/behaviours, and many more. Wage slavery.

This is currently acceptable because the VAST majority is in the same position/relationship with the laws of the land. Virtually everyone’s lives are connected to the world system, so when one ‘rebel’ and question the foundation of this world system, one question the foundation of a person’s one way to live. This has been made acceptable because everyone realises that one tiny crack in the dam will eventually break the entire dam/world system, devastating everyone whose lives literally depend on this world system; so ruthless force is used to make sure there is ‘space’ for everyone’s personal point of view because what is best for all is believed to be elusive and unattainable like religion and spirituality type stuff.

It’s also made acceptable because everyone has invested themselves into this world system, and it is believed that when the world system is changed = I change, and within this fear of losing our egos is triggered. Made acceptable because this pattern of forcing everyone into one specific direction/project has repeated so long, and we have left ourselves illiterate and gave up on our own will to educate ourselves, take responsibility for educating ourselves where education is the practical process to learn how to care for others as I would care for myself. Made acceptable because of our misunderstanding of what fear is, and therefore how the Mind works. Made acceptable because of the misunderstanding that the corporation is a giant beast to portray ourselves to be ‘too small’/inferior to our own creation and what other human beings have created. Made acceptable because of our ignorance to prevent the torture manual from having effect on who we are, within this made acceptable because we defined who we are to the money system, and within this do not understand the ‘line’ between working with the money system/group and standing as part of the biggest group of all that remains as Life as Equality and Oneness.

This is made acceptable because everyone has no choice but to stay in the money system. This is made acceptable because everyone has only themselves that will take initiative for themselves to gain access to money and everything of money, and as a group, will run away from associating with the person that argues/meddles with the world system.

The methods used currently will not be acceptable to enforce what is best for all because of the nature of realising what is best for all: it’s a process of letting go of what I already have, through self forgiveness into self application. Realising what is best for all requires realising the harm that I have already done to myself and all. All of the methods used currently are opposite to supporting the one point required to understand what is best for all: our relationship to ourselves. What is best for all is the practical application of ourselves as Life, so from the nature of those that already realise what is best for all, to deprive is to no longer be Life worthy.

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About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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