Day 174: Imagining Intelligence

This is a continuation of self commitment statements from the previous post.

I commit myself to when/as I see myself being more equipped to do what needs to be done then fearing not receiving money in exchange for my improvement, to stop and breathe.

I realise that when I expect money for being more intelligent, I have defined my intelligence as the WALKING of growing the tree of Life within/as living the word intelligence within the principle of giving/watering/walking, into a weapon and an excuse within myself to participate and join issue in the IDEA of a worldwide endless competition, and in this I realise that I LIMIT my living/walking of the word intelligence from innumerable time and effort exercising independent thought specifically NOT corrupted by emotional/feeling bribery by the big corporation as my own thoughts of my Mind that continuously convince me to consume for happiness apparently, into a modern equivalent of a sword that I swing with blind ambition/greed hurting, threatening the REAL human beings around me, making a more hostile world and yet I dare to stupidly ask why the world is so hostile; meanwhile I am being hostile to my neighbours creating obviously a hostile world and convincing future generations to be even more hostile and when will I stop blaming others to instead stop ME.

I commit myself to stop expecting money for my intelligence to instead be content with enjoying participating in the real space-time processes of mental exercise, which represent the VAST majority of how I am systematically forced to spend my time through the current money system that prolifically create insecurities in people to copy and paste ‘good consumer habits’ while believing they’re all geniuses because less than a genius mean more chances of starving. I commit myself to practice living the word intelligence that do not routinely generate fears, worries, and insecurities, to instead design intelligence to be an individualized support application to learn how I should be treating my neighbour by, as a first step, starting with Self first and how I can live the word intelligence to not trigger any of my own fears, worries, and insecurities and in this learn how to practically live intelligence in a way that supports others equal to how I understand how intelligence support me to function in best-for-all ways in real time physical reality; discarding mental delusions, obsessively concerned with my self interested wants/needs/desires, for physical practical support, where the group comes first and within/as the effective functioning of the group, all benefits and prevents such fears, worries, and insecurities as prevention is the best cure.

I commit myself to when/as I see myself wanting ‘more’, and this ‘more’ is a vague feeling, and contemplating whether I should give less, do less, to stop and breathe. I realise that I was doomed from the moment of accepting ‘more’ as a vague feeling as experience of myself, because in this I abdicate the ‘goal’ of my actions to be dictated by the Mind, and leaving my Mind unattended is a dangerous action because my Mind, as my desires show clearly, do not consider what it really takes for something to be created in reality, hence the thoughts about giving and doing less with a curiosity attached to them to follow them at all cost, with the carrot as the visions/imagination of apparently how much better I will feel if I give/do less, but throughout the whole story I sell myself in my thoughts, hope is the “ulterior motive” of my thoughts. I commit myself to realise that if I give less, I will receive less, because I would see myself as slacking off if/when I do less.

I commit myself to when/as I see myself feeling clever in my Mind expecting others will sabotage me, to stop and breathe. I realise that behind the clever mood I set within my own Mind, I am fearful and expecting others to sabotage me is a way to hide my own fear from myself, and in a funny way justifying survival to myself, how survival of the fittest is apparently superior to what is best for all. I Commit myself to stop participating in the want/need/desire to be clever – better than everyone else – to instead, seeing that my own fear tend to trap me in my imagination of positive AND negative polarities, work on means/methods of deleting all reasons for ourselves to fear each other.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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