Day 213: Can The Work Be Done With Already?

I commit myself to when/as I see myself justifying resisting doing a task immediately out of the excuse that I have no way to know the consequences until the damage has been done after doing it, to stop and breathe. I realise that from a perspective, my Mind as any thought/imagination I come up with, never is the actual consequences I accumulate in reality so I have to do one task and that task for a substantial period of time to establish the general nature of the outcomes I create in physical practical reality. I commit myself to assess the priority of a task according to the smallest consequence that doing that task produce: who am I becoming when I do this task, do I have to be this way, why do I feel this is the only way, is there a better way and can I place this better way into one specific doing/task, where the requirements of the task MUST only require me to be here, and participate in the concrete steps. I commit myself to make sure that I do not abuse my time by/through mapping my time with a schedule, so decisions in Earth time and do it.

I commit myself to when/as I see myself impatient wanting the several hour’s work to be done and over with, to stop and breathe. I realise that every single time, it will require the same amount of breaths to do it, and if I have mapped out each task as a real task I can do and I stop the thoughts in my head, breathing and doing it is not overwhelming at all because the actual practice is one moment at a time. I commit myself to make sure that I stop participating in thoughts/emotions/feelings first to be back here breathing. I commit myself to confirm if the task I set out for myself to do has been formulated into steps I can do right now, and if the answer is yes realise that all I need to do now is breathe and do it, and if I don’t do it time is always ticking and time will run out.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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