Day 241: Here I Am

In the present position I am in in the world, some points I have worked out, some points not.  I am in one human body, and as one human body I require to maintain it as myself, physically and mentally.  Physical maintenance would include daily hygiene, showering, brushing my teeth, sleeping before 12 and preparing myself properly for deep sleep.  The mental maintenance is slightly more complex because it involves the Mind, of which no one understands – because if we understood how we created our limitations, it’s guaranteed that we would have released ourselves from limitations, equal and one with how we already gather our understandings of this world/advantages to “make our living”.  But the mental maintenance is in fact a more advanced form of physical maintenance because our moods and stresses determine our posture, how we breathe, the flexibility of our muscles, the operation of our organs and every system in the human body.

So one part of the ‘tension’/responsibility of existing as a human being is the human body that everyone is equally existent within = if you’re not in a human body you’re dead, everything else doesn’t matter anymore = the other implications of being a human body in a world system need not be considered.

First priority is what I am doing to support/harm my human body.

From the smaller, to the “greater” = what labour am I producing with my human body.  What activities am I doing to understand the story that has been left by ancestors?  What activities am I doing to understand the story that is this physical reality, of math/physics/chemistry/biology etc.?

Then what labour am I producing with my human body flows naturally into how I treat others, and in how I treat others the reflection of who I am becoming, what am I willing to live?

In this a complex factor that creates much uncertainty is the question, “Is what I am willing to live going to be accepted by everyone else, together forming the abstraction/idea of ‘society’/’this world’/’the world system’ and the education/health/social systems etc.  Because what is obvious is that what is optimal in physical reality is not optimal for egos and greed.

Finally, is what I am willing to live best for all, for all living beings already here: is the first priority fulfilled for each living being for no other reason than being here with us in one bubble.

Okay, so thanks to this article, I have a structure to detail where I am in the world, to create a practical plan to answer for myself the question: “What do I do now to eventually create a world that is best for all?”  Which is important because each day is not going slower just because I feel uncertain.

What I understand is my understanding of the world is flawed, based on biased information and requires re-training of how I collect data.  So I will require to commit myself to independent work of some sort, where the condition of the work is such that the steps are able to be walked without prior knowledge, and can be counted/measured.  The independent work, in a way, is the process of creating a benchmark of self honesty, where according to my own physical senses and starting point of 1 + 1 = 2, I specify for myself points in this world and within myself that are absolute.  This work should be measured daily, with time placed into the activity and my starting point in doing the work.

Self forgiveness together with self corrective application daily, on the most mundane events – so small enough that I can write out one event per day – has proven to be an essential exercise in independent work: no one else but me understands the position I was in, in that one event, what thoughts/emotions/feelings I had, the internal world I created, no safety nets, it’s all up to me literally.  I waste my own time if I write out self commitment statements I do not decide to live and make a reality; if I do not go deep enough to the actual mechanism of my reactions and participation.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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  1. Cool Support, Thank you Kasper!

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