Day 245: The Value of Your Labour

Specifying the humbleness point within the decision to work.  If Existence had to choose between the usefulness of one person (me) and the rest of existence, the rest of existence will always be more useful.  No matter how skillful or powerful I feel myself to be  in my intellect, I remain physically interconnected and dependent on each other for support, if for no other reason than not being able to exist in two places/positions at once.  In myself, I can delude myself in ridiculous delusions for minutes to hours at a time, but what is breathing for me while I am lost in my thoughts is my human physical body, representing the same physical value that cannot be replaced with anything.

Breathing as a physical manifested example of humbleness.  It doesn’t matter that I am the most hard working breather breathing day in day out with no break = I need to breathe now, regularly as I have done nonstop.  What achievement?  I need to breathe for what is best for my human body and therefore myself, the group of cells working together endlessly with me unable to do anything but watch my body  repair itself when I sleep well.  What recognition?  The physical world/human body I am responsible for doesn’t need recognition, it needs me to breathe.  My human body doesn’t care what other people say about it.  My human body doesn’t care what difficulties it faces.  It needs to breathe, and only sees solutions, that’s why it only repairs itself.  No time to admire how well I breathed just now.  Next one’s here.  Pushing for more?  How do I push for more breath, I expand my diaphragm and the air’s here to support.  Good for me I breathe a full breath: now I need to breathe again, doesn’t have to be “perfect”, I need air in my lungs.  Will I breath better if I fear?  Hell no, not even if I get angry, or frustrated, or conflicted, or haggard, in feelings, oh I need to breathe again, took too long to think.  Oh the comfort of being educated on the absolute certain equation at work – it’s all up to me to breathe.  I decide to forgive myself, what difficulty is there to breathing, this high and mighty art of breathing?  Stop joking, breathing is a principle.  Like an axiom, it is free for all as a human right from birth to death, no excuse for hoarding or failing to support those that do not get the axiom, this group needs to function like my human body needs air for all cells to function, each cell stronger means a stronger group and human body = excellent!  So I can breathe more fully, articulate my breath more intricately, so what?  I need to breathe.  This full breath is not mine, look if you did exactly what I did from ‘no air in lungs’ = you can do it as well as I can, provided you listen to the group/human body, your muscles decide as you decide how well you breathe.

Dealing with the common sense physical body senses part of participation, the decision to work to the humble part/breath is within/as one moment of breath.  In terms of what information one moment stand within/as, we stand as our entire image and likeness as ego picture presentation in one breath; the physical part that is also standing is all the physical phenomenon that I have no idea how it works, but it’s working without anything, all the equations in a math book and more, far more.  If knowledge without application is useless (article), then the application of this entire universe is happening all as one and equal in one breath.  All of humanity’s expertise and stupidity is happening in one breath within that.

A question I need to address to design myself as able to be careful from beginning to end of any project is this: what can I do for myself to ensure that at any given moment, I may not weary of the same “one moment”, requiring the same “one starting point”/consistency, requiring the same “hard work”/’time and effort’.  So in this I see that some of the “forces” that make me weary are in fact learned from my environment: ideologies of achievement, of limiting myself, how I am supposed to feel after a project apparently, of work as business culture.

Thoughts like “I will achieve when I am working my ass off and FEEL like I have worked hard (see breath paragraph)”, “I achieve when I push through my limitations with stress and pressure on myself as a looming entity over my existence”, “I should feel like the end should be here already when the end is near”, “only work for personal gain and best if only you benefit”.  The best part is it “happens”/triggers one moment at a time, so I can stop participating in these thoughts to get back to reality, walking the task at hand, given that I breathe effectively.  Within this self forgiveness is obviously a key to letting go of such thoughts immediately, but the thoughts will repeat until I grasp the mechanics within/as the thought = the thought is just a symptom of a belief system I programmed into me through thoughts/emotions/feelings.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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