Day 246: The Science of Hard Work

Note: This post is Day 246 because I would not count the previous two blogs – where I wrote to note that I did not write that day – as JTL blogs.

How hard am I willing to work for myself?  From these past few days of not living the day as I would like to, no amount of structore or understanding about myself as one human body or of physical reality, time, scheduling, breathing, will work until I establish another structure in relation to placing myself here in this world, with the consequences I have already manifested = my Mind, and the inter-relation with what thoughts, words, deeds I accept and allow and how this affects me, to others through my participation.

Using my growth into a mind consciousness system as a model.  From absolute silence, into various personality designs.  I started with absolutely nothing, no knowledge/information about this world, and I knew it.  Assuming that the definition of success is to become a specific type of mind consciousness system, to keep the world system that is busy imploding the world in place, I had no mind consciousness system when I was born.  I started off knowing nothing about the cultures or traditions of this world, the belief systems left by our ancestors.  Nothing of how to deal with social relationships with other personalities.  All I “knew” was how to be life, treat life the same way I treat myself as one life.

Success is to be a mind consciousness system designed to live in VERY specific ways to keep the world system in place, born with nothing about how this world works = I would be judged as having wool over my eyes the moment I was born.  But with nothing, I was able to “navigate” through all the bullshit and dysfunctional habits of grown human beings, straight to the common sense of give as you would like to receive = I was fed in spite of not knowing the language, in every sense of the word.  Without having to communicate my needs, all my needs as clothes, shelter, handle me carefully, all that done by the parent.  No questions asked, no arguments.  Then as I grow older then arguments begin to exist, as if I need to argue to haggle for every waking moment with every person I meet.  My needs begin to be crossed because of egos projected onto objects and actions, self interest and deception abound, the “world war” ensues: have to ask questions to remind others of our needs, threaten and argue.

Growing into a successful mind consciousness system obviously takes time, so by corollary I was MOST unsuccessful when I was born.  But the relationships I established were far more harmonious when I was born/young (when I was most unsuccessful and knew nothing about fitting into something like a machined part) than now, after much time.

In the next post I will be detailing the process I walked up to now, to identify a model where from unsuccessful human being, one can actually practically, day-by-day, work to “success”/equality and oneness with 1 + 1 relationships.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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