Day 259: LIG And the Rise of the Machine, Visited

“Certainly in a redesigned economy, the machine can play a significant role in perfecting the products available for the human race to use, perfecting the reduction of resources used in the production process, extending the life of the produced product as part of this perfection. Through this, allowing the human to benefit from their placement of the labor resource by ensuring that there is significant and enough Living income for each one to ensure that the product produced can be consumed but for mostly to ensure that the right to life is recognized as a human right, allowing the human to have more free time in which to develop their awareness to become more benevolent, less competitive and self-responsible. Those are the points which should be the outflow of the rise of the machine: a reduction in competition thus a reduction in conflict, a reduction in war and the development of quality production and sustainability, because the principles are understood as what is necessary to have an ecosystem that is effective and supportive in nourishing the human race as a whole. Unfortunately, this is yet to be considered.” –

The machine is playing a significant role in supporting my lifestyle, outputting the result of having much free time, and within this a responsibility to myself for how I use it. So in a way, the machine is an extension of the labour that I would originally have to invest, for example the clothes I have worn would need to be cleaned by my labour, but that is obviously replaced with the washing machine. This is in the context of having enough money to buy a washing machine and to the point, my entire lifestyle.

The suggestion to develop my awareness to become more benevolent and less competitive to be self-responsible produces interesting implications. In summary, that is to develop quality production and sustainability, which I interpret in the smaller – as one human being – as the the sustainability to be a future-proofed knowledge worker and quality production of accumulating knowledge/information. Translated to a daily commitment, this means, for me, to study mathematics for several hours and draw from this study a structured, non fear-based view of my world and therefore events/circumstances in my world.

But to do so “because the principles are understood as what is necessary to have an ecosystem that is effective and supportive in nourishing the human race as a whole” is the topic I am writing to clarify for myself. I committed myself to study mathematics because I am planning to go to university and through that, get a job. Pure self interested survival. So I have never considered my actions on humanity as a whole, in spite that my actions do affect the whole. My actions nourishing the human race is a new concept. How would my actions nourish the human race? Before that, how do I nourish myself through my actions, and who I need to be/become to participate in the systems that are here, the money system, the world system?

How do I effectively and supportively nourish the human race as a whole? What I understand now is I am greatly dependent on my environment for my identity, so my actions are not merely improving myself to some level and then having access to the world system. I am already accessing the world system, though the permissions of access is fairly limited because of my acceptance and allowance to bar myself from going to university, for example.

What I do know is that getting a job does not really impact younger generations directly. Each generation is somehow segregating themselves through many groups. I am no exception. Life is not a single aim of wanting to be X machined cog to run the machine that is the world system, yet part of being human today is to be a specifically machined human being with various skills for the parasite that is this world system, that parasites off the young generation to keep itself existent. And it does this through the collective agreement of the majority, which is not the young, that this is the only way life can work.

Self first. What I can give is my living example. Practically, this means everything that I participate in, in a day: thoughts, words, and deeds. From the three abstractions thoughts, words, deeds, alluding to a “who I am”. My thoughts, words, and deeds nourish who I am, and who I am influences the people around me. So the primary root of myself that can nourish the human race would be my living example. This is assuming that the physical needs are met, which in my case are being met.

So thoughts, words, deeds to myself. What can I do for myself? Learn the language of mathematics to learn basic common sense, because no person doing maths is a fool. Eat and sleep well. Schedule my time to do what needs to be done. What needs to be done is determined by the need to go to university and who I will be/become through my acceptances and allowances.

So my living example is the primary means to lead or mislead large groups of people, the largest group being the human race.



About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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