Day 260: The Rise of the Machine and LIG, Part 2

This post is a continuation from the previous post: Day 259: LIG And the Rise of the Machine, Visited

“Those are the points which should be the outflow of the rise of the machine: a reduction in competition thus a reduction in conflict, a reduction in war and the development of quality production and sustainability, because the principles are understood as what is necessary to have an ecosystem that is effective and supportive in nourishing the human race as a whole. Unfortunately, this is yet to be considered.” –

Specify living example. Living example within the principle of giving as one would like to receive, doing unto others as one would like to be done unto. So in this, I require to think of situations in terms of what I can give and to give in fact, which creates an ecosystem of giving which is necessary. So replacing the ecosystem of taking that is fuelled by competition, which is a manner of taking, protecting and taking more. Giving, no witholding and giving more.

From me consistently giving myself labour to perform various tasks, creates an ecosystem not based on competition; because from giving to myself what I would like to have, I no longer need to look to others for value as the primary value is realized to be what I give to myself. And the primary value being that which forms the foundation of my access to the world system, to money. So when I realize that I am my foundation for access to money, I prevent myself from mentally cornering myself to compete and become nasty and spiteful in the process. When I see myself lacking compared to others, I bring the point back to Self and walk the change necessary to stand in that position that I see = taking self responsibility instead of being nasty and spiteful competing.

So the foundation of an effective ecosystem, which opens up the opportunity to not only give to myself but maybe others, starts with Self, as being my own quality producer which sustainably participates in the production of who I am, what I can do. From taking care of myself as aligning myself to one point in this world, the big point of jealousy, comparison, and competition is addressed, where personally I would only compete if I were cornered to compete, i.e. when a point demands a set of skills that I do not possess AND have no means of developing such skills in terms of daily practical application.

Am I ever cornered to compete? No, from the perspective that if I unconditionally say no, I will not compete. Yes, kind of, because given that I must take an non ideal action related to work, related to keeping a job/position or being fired, because of wanting to keep the job, I force myself to do more, or do something I do not like against my morals.

Yet a fascinating thing is that from my living example, I kind of map an ecosystem and present an ecosystem which other people can access through interacting with me. So the world system aside I am responsible for what kind of environment I create for those around me, which is readily observed by how people in general see me and interact with me/the thoughts words and deeds I do unto others.

So in spite of the various interconnections between Self and the world system, the simplicity is three key words: thought, word, and deed, towards myself and then others, in that order because like breathing, I breathe for myself first before investing the time within breath to do stuff for others.

From Self first, where everyone can be first in giving to themselves first, ” what is necessary to have an ecosystem that is effective and supportive in nourishing the human race as a whole ” can be explored/researched. Which shouldn’t be far from how I treat myself as a human being, giving as I would like to receive, treating my neighbour as myself. Such statements must be placed into some context.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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