Day 279: Resistance to Change

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“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to try and fix the chains of my preprogramming by looking for quick fixes that would mean I do not have to go all the way in removing that which is not best for all life as I could replace just the parts I deem necessary without considering that Unless I in fact investigate every part, I can never be certain that i am doing what is best for all, and while I am doing it, to be certain, I should remove all of the chains and in this way I will be certain and thus prevent the re-occurrence of a similar form of shackled existence that may only place shackles on others, yet it would be me as well as I am others in another life.”

The old saying of “just do it” can be a quick fix: why can’t I “just do” this? This just simply means that what I have done, I must equally render undone, shackle by shackle, point by point.

“I commit myself to accept resistance when I walk the change as the way I remove that which I have accepted and allowed until that time and to realize that the resistance will stop once I have removed the preprogrmmed idea of self. I commit myself to seek out resistance in every way as that is my roadmap to find what I still allow as the limited preprogrammed version of myself. I commit myself to not stop till I have found every resistance that exist as part of me and have freed myself from the ignorance I have given the idea of life to in the age of my self interest. I commit myself to never give up no matter what till there is no more resistance to that which is best for all life in every way forever more.”

Resistance as a guide to what changes should be made to oneself. Resistance to what I should do can be a guide to what shackles or words I have spoken to convince myself of this limitation from doing what I should do. Forgiveness applied on each point in crucial.

“I commit myself to investigate, and come to know how the mind becomes the physical system that I may be prepared to never allow this to happen to any being that come to this world in any way whatsoever. I commit myself to understand how I have allowed myself to become the programmed version of the idea of life that could walk this earth without an inkling of compassion for those that were less fortunate AND without any compassion to face the discomfort of the resistance I must go through to remove the systems of self interest that I have allowed myself to become. I commit myself to understand and walk the time required to clear the space of me from all that pre occupied me to not be here as life as what is best for all life.”

What is amazing is how our opinions of different social classes – mind, mental sentences – becomes the rules accepted and allowed to govern a population. Charity starts at home – with being compassionate enough to face all resistances to remove the systems of self interest in the engineering project to daily accumulate what is best for all life, each stage must be directed by myself in an act of free choice for me – my personality, identity – to become mine – my creation.

“I commit myself to unchain the systems I have become shackle by shackle within me and within all others like me till this is done. I commit myself to make sure all others will understand how to unshackle their own chains as I walk in support as this is necessary that all understand how we have become that which is not life so that we through understanding prevent this from ever happing again as we will all be able equally to recognize the sign s of the chains that cause this hackling and abuse of life. I commit myself to stand with each that choose to stand till this is done and through such support it will be as if I have walked it myself, yet each part would have walked themselves to life, yet they were not alone as we walk as one yet as self responsible for self.”

Here I am reminded of the imagination of individuals that have grasped the flaws of the system and maybe created schools of their own in a movement to stop this intellectual abuse, but then I am reminded that it is not enough. Yet whatever misunderstandings I had about the world were my own – I accepted and allowed my answers to be ‘good enough’ for me in free choice, and so point by point, forgiving and correcting each misunderstanding is the common sense way to prevent and eradicate such delusions.

“I commit myself to never indulge in the urge of quick fixes as I know that quick fixes in many occasions lead to a mess that requires a rewalking of the correction. I will walk it the first time complete and thus prevent any unnecessary mistakes just because I allowed the mind to influence the idea of so called quick fixes. I am not here to create myself as a fast food franchise, but as life that will stand the test of time in every way it must.”

What a clear, direct reminder of how the long way is rarely as long as rewalking a habit to what is best for all life. For a moment I paused at not making myself a fast food franchise – I was reminded of how everything seemed to demand answers, work, and time from me now – but yes, life has never been a fast food franchise. Doing things faster and better is meaningless if the physical reality dictate the point by point philosophy, drop by drop accumulation 1 + 1, no shortcuts exist really to multiply 1 into many.

“I commit myself to not allow me to ignore any point no matter how trivial it may seem that I may never be able to claim ignorance again and get away with it.”

I stand guilty of waving trivial points, my entire life has been a series of trivial acceptances which strinkingly became my reality: of accepting the first video game and TV show, only to develop further into an addiction for positive images and sounds. Developing further into a mental gauge as my feelings which I had direct the big decisions, what do I want to do, where do I want to work, how do I present myself, what skills will I have.

Note to self: when writing don’t claim ignorance and write the whole spiel out: it’s only a sentence or two longer.

“I commit myself to prioritize my life to that which is best for me in the way that it is best for all life realizing that I cannot do it all, but what I do I must do well and in the full understanding and certainty that I will produce me as the optimum life form here that will be best for the process to life. I commit myself to consistency in action with the understanding that as I walk to life, that which I become as life will become easier through time and I accept the pressure and resistance that will go along with the reintegration of that which is best for all life as I understand that the resistance are the indicator that makes the reality of the process measurable.”

Another point that boggles me: what is best for me is best for all life. Somehow I convinced myself that entertaining my life away was best for me, as I always FELT it was the best. What is referred to is probably what is best for me as evidenced by the world surrounding me. What is best for me for making money, to keeping friends, to keeping a partner: relationships, sex, money. And throughout a consideration of what is best for all life, even in relationships, sex, and money. Even money can be a force that is best for all within the funding of a person that accept nothing less than a daily participatory diet that is best for all.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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