Day 282: I Have to do This

Here is the original post and this is a continuation

“I commit myself to remove from my design anything related to what I have to do and to replace it with doing that which is what is best for all life within the understanding that to do what is best for all life is not a ‘have to do,’ it is common sense.”

So I have to ask myself why I feel like I have to do something, release the networks of knowledge/information with writing and self forgiveness, then identify what is here that is dictating my decision: like how the money system tend to place one in a position of machine working most of the day and after dinner, sleeping without any self introspection or exploration, or how money is currently determined by ability and that I must develop my abilities to gain access to money.

“I commit myself to remove the ignorance of self interest that cause me to only consider what I have to do when I benefit and to replace it with Me as life in living participation giving always and in all ways that which is best for all life”

One, on one hand, is the carrot on a stick of energy, emotions, and feelings. On the other, is in a way, honouring the basics of living in this reality – that each moment spent in developing one’s mind adds itself up. What is made clear in the above statement is that ‘have to do’ reveals self interest and that one should determine and decide to do actions that are best for all from the beginning, assiduously adding beneficial ingredients to one’s participatory diet as the understanding of what is best for all individualized into routines and habits and moments of change, meaning primarily the dismantling of one’s programming to self interest and the construction of understanding and acting on that which is best for all life.

“I commit myself to investigate and come to an understanding where I use justification to feed self interest in denial of what we as humanity have created as a world of injustice. Justification is self deception when injustice exists and I commit myself to a world where only that which is best for all is acceptable as that would end all injustice and justification and set me free from the need to deceive to survive.”

I was watching TV when I realised that I could be using the same moment to do maths, and I justified watching TV. What is best for all doe snot require a reason or justification, the understanding behind an action that is best for all life should be omnipotent and irrefutable, especially to oneself. This statement also hints at how in modern times, apathy is one of the greatest misdeeds of each of us individually, for accepting a world of injustice and unfairness implicitly by being satisfied with our little lives consisting of routines categorized as mundane. Then the call to life would be a challenge towards myself of substituting mundane routines for ones that accumulate to the best version of myself. The need to deceive to survive is a story touched upon on TV because it is so pervasive in the working world, and that responsibility starts with ourselves accepting and allowing such situations to exist because instead of searching for the points where one may intervene through participation, we justify why we cannot do it: direct humanity, yet each has been directing humanity through acceptance and allowance.

“I commit myself to investigate and see how I feed self interest with the clear directive to bring this to an end and to realign myself with that which is best for all life”

In my experience, I have been feeding the entertainment bug the most. Paying for the rollercoaster ride from tantrums to apathy to superficial stimulation that I create with TV as inspiration/permission granter. Why not enjoy the immediate moment regardless of content and play with it, instead of separating work and play and cycling in ideas of good and bad; from excitement to tiredness and all over again. Cumbersome compared to enjoying now.

Part of the realignment to what is best for all life implies initiating an inner dialogue with oneself to understand what would be best for all life and breaking down to breaking through self interested justified habits and behaviours, reactions, that I built the only way possible: 1 + 1 = 2. So I can expect myself to walk an equal amount of time that I built present habits to break them down. I see this as an engineering project where I have the honour to direct all stages of development of my own participation, that failure is feedback, and success is the 0.0001 percent; failure is the 99.999 percent.

“I commit myself to come to an understanding as to how the system has become me, to end the system as it exists as injustice and abuse and to through direct participation bring into being a system that is best for all life which includes me.”

What is described here is amazing: the process of how, from one is born into the world, one is moulded and shaped to fight for certain things and remain apathetic to others, that the foundation of injustice in this world relies on the correct education of one person from birth to be motivated in some aspects and apathetic in others, resulting in a world of injustice. This could be an explanation of what self responsibility implies: coming to an understanding as to how the system has become me.

“I commit myself to investigate religion as to its validity in every way to produce a world that is best for all life and to stop that which as religion is only used to promote self interest and injustice.”

Here I define religion as the modern consumerism, capitalism, competition, westernization mind set that I repeat daily until I believe they are mine, a product of careful introspection but if I’m really honest, I was scared for my life and didn’t know any way then, other than to accept the options presented to me then.

“I commit myself to banish faith in that which is not best for all life forever from my reality and to be my own salvation as the creation of a world system that is always best for all life.”

Banish my faith in law, education as the administrative aspect of education (schools, examination boards, certification boards, standardized tests), bankers, accountants, engineers, marketers, social workers, psychologists, and counsellors, entertainers. By doing so I gain in responsibility in facing an opportunity to understand what drives each profession to lie and thus enable myself to participate with that consideration with an open eye to bring about what is best for all life.

“I commit myself to change money from debt to a symbol of life with equal value for all life.”

The importance we have placed in money can be leveraged to put in a system where one must respect one’s neighbour, by changing money from debt to life, first by removing the debt implied with breathing comfortably once every time: needing to eat, sleep, breathe, and all the materials and time that can only be bought with money at the moment. From that perspective, everyone’s life is spited upon by the world system, so we must change that. My ability might be rewarded, but my life itself alone is not valued by money; people’s lives at different points of their life are valued differently from life only because of family, to nothing unless you work and that work is valued by society enough to pay a wage enough to live on.

“I commit myself to investigate nutrition and establish a code of conduct in food production that will be trustworthy and be best for all life”

I think this cannot be done until money is sorted out to no longer motivate people in food production to make untrustworthy food.

“I commit myself to investigate what would be the best way to educate a child to be a person that will produce through participation in the world a world that is best for all life .”

I’m doing this already with myself as the lab rat, with the consequence of only spending money. The only consequence is time and accountability, when determining what will be my intellectual resources.

“I commit myself to eradicate from my acceptances forever any higher learning that do not in fact tangibly in space time produce a system of practical life support that is best for all life.”

Work, as bountiful and glamourous as it is, does not tangibly produce a system of practical life support that is best for all iife. Education, from speaking with others older than me, does not produce a system of practical life support that is best for all life. Desteni, allowed me to meet people that go one step further to caring about you and tangibly investigate what to give to one’s neighbour, in public for the public good, and allowed me to start the journey to Life through writing – righting – myself to life, and has tangibly in space time produce a version of myself that increasingly questions and would like answers to a system that would be best for all life.

“I commit myself to never give in to apathy and to use breathing to will myself to action in every moment I am here to be the evidence for myself that I will never give up till we have a world that is best for all life.”

All conviction can be eradicated with one breath. Majority of the time it’s feeling one way and breathing and doing another way – over and over and over until I master this point. Evidence as one’s remembrance of each moment spent in this way is potent. I will never give up because failure is feedback.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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