Day 283: In the Beginning was God

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“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize and embrace the clear certainty that the Beginning was the Word and that the Word was God, implying and stating that I as a Creation and Creator of Words are in fact The God of Words.”

Words are important because we live them out. Get to know your words and what they mean to you, you’ll find out more about yourself in a tangible practical way. Especially the unspoken words.

“I forgive myself that I have refused to accept and allow myself to see how I participate in the Creation of myself and this world as the relationships between all that is here as Words that define Life while it clearly shows that I do not define life, but only myself interest and in fact that the image and Likeness of my words reflect to me that I have abdicated my responsibility of giving life as I have received Life.”

Part of the responsibility is considering a Living Income Guaranteed because the one agreement that many have placed is faith in money, and a Living Income Guaranteed would give Life like your family has given you Life, but in a more universal and complete sense. No child is left behind if the way a family give life to their children is implemented on a system level to include all children.

Another part of the responsibility is investigating why I like and dislike certain things, and find the beliefs and eradicate them with what one actually observe in the world to ground one back to reality.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not accept the responsibility of Creation as what is best for all life through my words as this world and instead have created words that form relationships and maintain relationships that cause harm to those less fortunate than me.”

My words are a key to unlock what relationships I support and maintain. What is great about the above statement is that Creation is defined as what is best for all life, implying that I only create when it’s best for all life, and I do not create when I justify self interested habits.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the power to create to be as an abomination that do not honor and respect life and that in my vanity I have use the name/Word of God/creator in vain by not standing as equal to life in image and likeness through creating my Image and likeness as Less than life.”

It’s an amazing thing that the world I surround myself in is my image and likeness. I must create words that honor and respect life.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to foolishly belief that I can do whatever I want in the name of free choice without any direct consequence as I am somehow a special creation as I received the Power to Create the living word as Flesh, while in fact I am using that which I have received in vain and vanity in both the creation of myself and the creation of the relationships which form the image and likeness of this world as humanity, and creatures and plants.”

A guideline that is implied is that I cannot do whatever I want, and what I do I must do until it becomes a part of me, as close as muscle memory. I interpret flesh as muscle memory because it’s a good analogy, programming perfect movements to walk properly, programming perfect mental habits to think properly, in a crude manner of speaking. What is also implied in the statement is that we create the world through how we create ourselves, our participation and that if we give to ourselves the participation that is best for all life, not only will the world change, but creatures and plants would change too. In that order we must consider the world through considering ourselves, which is one step further than considering our self interest. We/I came first, as the mother, my self interest is the son.

“I forgive myself that I have refused to see how I have bedevilled the words of my creation by creating all words with backwards meanings that do not represent Life, but represent that which works as the opposite of life which is evil.”

What is implied here is that if we really look at ourselves, look at how my words accept and allow the world to continue to exist the way it is, we already know and have the intuition to see that we respect or do not respect Life through our choices. Also mentioned in passing is the powerful illusion that this world is working, that this world exactly the way it is is the only version that works. I thought the education administration system that I was integrated into for many years worked, and the tests and exams implied students working well, but when it came to actually using my ‘education’ I realised that I had nothing to use: it was all a sham based on my hope and fear of the world. Very interesting to view ‘the right way’ as the backwards way to honoring and respecting life: write a list of what I think is right and explain to myself why it could be right, why it could be wrong, and most importantly, am I respecting life with this way of living.

“I forgive myself that I have deliberately create me and my children for generations as the Word made flesh in ways that do not support life and even as I write here, this creation of abuse continues with no certain end in sight and no certain action taken to stop such abuse in spite of the Image and likeness of My creation that exist as this world.”

I can see that I create me and the younger generation through the words that I live, purely because for the crucial years, a child’s exposure to the world is his/her parent, the one that teaches. Remember the specific order to change this world? Self, then world, then creatures and plants. Actions that would practically stop abuse starts with stopping disrespecting the life I was given, that spiting another life would imply spiting my life. Defining my words to respect life in all ways, learning how to give care and consideration only after giving that to myself self sufficiently, through living words that respect life from all angles.

“I forgive myself that I have refused to realized that that which has a beginning has an end and that unless I create me as the Living word equal as life in every way measured as best for Life, I must end as I have relinquished my right to life through my consistent example that I refuse to respect life and that I refuse to give as I have received.”

I imagine it is quite a turbulent experience to spit on life to be spat on by others. Words and their definitions according to my personal psyche is the key to self introspection and in a way, freedom from the system/man. I went to university with hopes and imaginations of how my life would play out, thinking it was ‘the system’ that dictated such stories to be my story, only to fail and realise that I made my world that way, through the values or definitions I gave to categories of my vocabulary. The word job used to represent a whole way of thinking that resulted in accepting and being overwhelmed to submission to the system as every word given to me. Now I see that a job is an exchange of my labour for a certain value of money. Like I am a product and the factory, and I must design myself as the product at every stage of production to be attractive to the issuers of money, mainly large businesses and people that buy the product or service.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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