Day 284: In the Beginning was God

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“I commit myself to dedicate myself to purify my Words as the Creator and purveyor of my words that they may represent life as that which is best for all life and thus represent me as life understanding that through my creation I look at me and when I see Life everywhere as my creation I will have confirmed that I have created me as life.”

The easiest words to purify are those spoken or written that trigger a reaction or inner dialogue in you. Purveyor means a person or business that sells or provides something, selling my words/habits/participation that they may represent life as that which is best for all life. Creation requires a looking into myself and then a self honest evaluation that I have given Life to receive Life in the form of surrounding myself in a world/word that respect life.

“I commit myself to bring this awareness as the living word to all that are here living Words so that All may realize that they are in fact their own judge through the image and likeness of the living word and that the Word was with God means that you can never be more than the words you accept yourself to be which is the reflection as this world in every way.”

Bring people to the equal understanding that words charged with good and bad are not living, that living requires a self intimate self introspection and measured self honest impact on one’s world. Amazing that through the words I live, I am my own judge. I can never be more than the words I accept myself to be which is the reflection as this world in every way. Spectacular that the words I live become my reality/world that I accept and allow myself to live in.

“I commit myself to study my reflection as this world and to see how I have mirrored myself till I understand how to stop what I have allowed and how to create in fact living words that reflect life supported as equals in all ways and in this way I will be able to give what I would be willing to receive in a practical real measurable way. This would then be where Love would be made visible and where I would in fact be Love in living action in all reflections and in this I will end the illusion which had been my delusion that I have named fear.”

Study of this world motivates the study of myself and vice versa. Till I understand how to stop what I have allowed.

“I commit myself to educate myself and all others till we as one will use the Life we received temporarily to create a living example of what is best for all life that will stand for eternity.”

So studying the words represented by the pictures/scenarios/situations in this world, the actual written and spoken words that trigger positive or negative reactions in me, is a decision to educate myself till I understand how to stop what I have allowed and how to create living words that respect and honour life.

“I commit myself to take responsibility for all creations whether directly or indirectly allowed and created by me as I realize that regardless of whom create what, I am here part of this creation of words and am sentenced by my sentences and a convict of my convictions. I will no longer allow myself to be directed by faith as I understand that the practical meaning of faith is that when I walk as the living word as flesh, all relationships that follow will eventually respond in ways that is best for all life and thus this certainty in action to walk till it is done is me as dedication to life as the living flesh as the word faith. I will not wait for the illusions that is not of this world of flesh which I have mistakenly given values to through the mis-creation of faith without proven outcomes here as flesh.”

Studying my words, in the reflections of my world – situations, people (my judgments of people), worst case scenarios, failure from every angle – is taking responsibility to realize in a practical measurable way, that what is within is without. What is mentioned is also the slow process of having the within manifest into/as the without, that my world changes slowly compared to changing myself from within. That I may encounter resistance in my world yet I may still be ‘right’ in my consideration of my actions, which time will tell: if my repeated action is best for all life, all relationships will eventually respond in ways that is best for all life.

I will not wait for the money system to change itself as it is an idea/illusion/agreement in the minds of many, yet the minds of many reflect that which is flesh, made real through repetition/tradition passed on.

“I commit myself to dedicate myself to the only choice I can freely make namely that which is best for all life as the living word as that is the only choice that will not produce some influence of fear and in that choice I am free and thus create the same freedom for all to embrace once they have relinquished the fear they have embodied as flesh and see the simplicity of the living word when all are equal creators of the word with meaning that supports life equal in every way.”

Best for all life is the only free choice I can make because any other choice is less than what is best for all life, and to accept anything less means that I think harm to a few is acceptable, that can only be justified with emotions/feelings that I am stuck in, without the drive to discover the root of my emotion which are the words behind my words. That accepting anything less than life will produce fear that, in the end, I wonder if my own life would not be taken care of completely as I have not completely taken care of life, and I always know it. Thus the always knowing part/accountability is fear.

So in a way, what Bernard proposes is that one take advantage of accountability by accumulating actions and results that are best for all life, so that when one is questioned, one may be steadfast naturally/mathematically, in accordance with common sense, and through consistency and outcome prove indubitably that what I do is best for all so they respond in ways that are best for all life.

“I commit myself to reveal how evil backwards is life and when we stop and reverse what we have done in self interest and act in the best interest of all, we will create that which will be the image and likeness of life in every way”

“Reveal how evil backwards is life” is like saying within understanding evil completely, as every part of this world and myself, the answer to what is best for all life is here. That the answer to what is repulsive is not to run away or judge and walk away, but to understand why it is repulsive and after one have actually forgiven all the points, the answer is here.

“I commit myself to purify my words to represent in me and in my reflection as image and likeness of my creation here on earth that which is the living flesh as the flesh itself and all relationships related to this existence. I understand that I must purify each word one by one to make sure that all relationships that will represent me as life will in fact support life in all ways that I will be able to trust my words as the creator of life and in so doing in fact accept the gift of life by creating myself as life and doing such in spite of all beliefs that may spit the contrary as I understand that only in equality as That which was given to me as life will I find that which will be eternal life for me and all others no matter where and what.”

A key that is mentioned is the power of one: doing one thing at a time, accumulating one drop at a time. There’s no other way to investigate myself than to start with one word. There’s no other way to really learn the vocabulary of a language than to start with one word.

“I commit myself to be able to meet my end in this cycle at any moment, in any breath and to be ready to look at my creation with the certainty absolute that in every given moment I have given life as I am life that I may enter that which is life. I realize that earth is here to ground me so that I may not mislead me with that which is energy that creates illusions only and that I realize that The vehicle to self is the flesh as the living word confirmed as life”

Highlighted is the importance of doing something until it becomes flesh, like into muscle memory, that repetition is probably the only tool capable of doing that. Living implies repetition: cycles, breathing in and out until a day is over, and within those breaths educating myself on what would be best for all life, through understanding the cause of my demise as the hates and dislikes I harbour. That the answer will be here when I understand the totality of the word I am facing.

“I commit myself to not allow those in illusion to trap me with beautiful words when it is clear, with the illusion we have created , the truth will hurt and only teachers that can cut to the bone of my mis-created flesh will have the understanding proven consistent to assist me in this most difficult task, that task to give up what I have valued in separation from what is best for all life. I commit myself to not fall in the trap of false promises as false promises will cause me to not correct myself as the living word made flesh and will cause me to not correct my creation that is the image and likeness of my words and for that I will in fact create the outcome of me which is not equal to life and in such action abdicate my life and be my own living judge as the evidence of my created words reflected as my reality.”

So i know that I really understand myself in a word when I hurt more than I feel good about myself. Resistance is my guide to what I must understand before I may understand what is best for all life. Investigating my words includes giving up what I have valued about myself and my world.

False promises will cause me to not correct myself, faith will cause me to not correct myself.

“I commit myself to remain steadfast as in this existence where I find myself as temporary I understand that the evidence is clear that I could not be granted eternal life as I have not yet understood the power of the living word and as such I have created my world as words to show me how little I understand and why I cannot have eternal life unless I grant it to me and all else. Therefore I understand that if I do not create myself as Life, I would have proven why I cannot have life and as such would determine my expiry when the time come.”


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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