Day 285: Blank Slate Mind Zombies

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“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear cleaning the mind as I feared I will end up as a Zombie without realizing that I only reveal within this fear that I am the slave to fear and that I do not in fact understand how reality works.”

I can understand where this fear comes from: what is my personality if I Can explain why, when, and how I came to label x words as me/mine? A denial of the truth that my personality is largely shaped by the options I perceived available to me according to what everyone thought was possible. The fear of having no identity if others do not have a word to describe me and call me ‘me’. Fear of being an outcast and casted out if I become something that is not already given a name.

Bernard really sees through all the reasons and points out the root cause of any repulsive feeling towards investigating the ‘why’ of my own personality: fear, and not understanding how reality works; not understanding that we are a sponge in the first seven years of our life, which largely translates into the range of my vocabulary, not understanding the importance of memory in the creation of my personality (memories of me doing something in x way many times to conclude that I am patient for example), not understanding our childhood fears that we know we participated in while creating our identity/not being honest to myself.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be influenced by movies about zombies without realizing that a zombie state is in fact a state where the body fails due to damage to it with effects that is also physically visible, while the mind zombie state is a state where fear directs the person through accepting a limited view of reality through projections of irrational outcomes that controls all the decisions of the person and prevents the person from making decisions that is best for all life. The mental zombie state thus is in fact a brainwashed state where fear is the master with the outcome of the physical life form being abused.”

Poignant way to describe a mind zombie state as when one acts in fear, (and Bernard gives us ‘why’ and ‘how’) through accepting a limited view of reality – a limited quantity of vocabulary – through projections of irrational outcomes (I cannot count how many times I did this, which influenced what I chose to participate in).

Here Bernard is expanding my vocabulary to understand the state I am already in, and begs the question of “Are you honest with yourself – about what really transpired in your formal years”. And if one understand, oen will naturally ask, then how do I get out of this shit?

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not look at the actual reality of how the mind and the body interacts as it is shown daily in my face with my ability to speak. (1)

When I speak, I do not use the words I have already programmed into the body through the mind, I speak as the body and thus when I clear the mind, I will experience more of the programmed responses arriving in the mind from the body as back chat to show what I have accepted and allowed myself to become as a programmed body and that these responses will be self interest based and must be cleared as well to reach a state of silence as a blank slate that I can trust as the foundation from which to rebirth myself as life. (2)

When I reach this state I will still be able to speak as the words are part of my body and not my mind. The mind is just the doorway and tool with which I program the body to be automated as a multi dimensional vehicle and as long as I am my mind only, I remain in limbo and in a state where I am in complete separation from reality. (3)

If I have programmed my body to be harmful to the other life forms on earth, I will be a danger to life in every way as I will be the living word as my fear and self interest. This I must change through deleting what I have allowed through self forgiveness and self honesty as I am the only one that have access to my tool as the mind to see what I have allowed as it appears within my mind as thoughts. (4)”

(1) I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to look at how my words, charged with emotions/feelings, influence my actions rendering my decisions becoming dictated by emotions/feelings. Having emotions/feelings being the middleman for my decisions, why not I decide through understanding what is best for all life (I can’t go wrong if I decide with this objective in hand).

(2) Bernard informs me that if I understand to undertake clearing my mind, my mind will help me by channelling the emotions/feelings into actual words and sentences that is the real me – the version of me that I actually became and not the image I want to project, backchat (words (and sentences)) shows me as the machine, not as the image projected by the machine. I don’t understand a projector by studying the picture; I understand myself as the projector by studying the machinery, the structures/reasoning of my words as my backchat.

In plain terms, Bernard describes what I am fearing so the unknown becomes known; what I hide/suppress as my inner dialogue is just self interest. In the previous post – in the Beginning was God – Bernard says:

“I commit myself to reveal how evil backwards is life and when we stop and reverse what we have done in self interest and act in the best interest of all, we will create that which will be the image and likeness of life in every way”

Within evil/inner dialogue/chains/shackles/prison is life/me. When I stop and reverse engineer/hack my mind/what I have done in self interest, reflected in my inner dialogue/backchat, and (from free choice) act in the best interest of all, we will (I will create a world that’s) that which will be the image and likeness of life in every way. In a way Bernard is showing me how to change the world; change myself first dawg, backchat y u so angry and y i fear u?

(3) Understand, backchat is a doorway and tool with which I deprogram my mind. My mind is THE doorway to:
– the amazing capability of my body (such as the astounding rate of learning I lived in my first 7 years of life)
– changing myself and thus changing my world, to changing this world

(4) Bernard warns gently, the consequence of my choice (if I say anything along the lines of “it is my free choice”) if my choice is to reject the endeavor of understanding my identity (not just living it out). I will endanger my children – the ones I care about the most – and more than that, life on Earth, through allowing fear to exist in me, submitting to fear to be master of all of my decisions. Kids will pick up on how I used fear to decide for me and do the same, making the world a more dangerous place. So understand your fear.

“I am the only one that have access to my tool” I am responsible for my mind and its influence on my participation in reality. You’ll get it when you start writing to investigate why you got angry, depressed, mischievious, all emotions one by one, step by step. That’s how to feel what is possible in this world through what is possible -the latent potential – in yourself. All this commentary is a ruse to get you to write about yourself.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see thoughts as great reflections of my individuality while it is in fact only a feedback system to show what I have allowed to be published within my physical body and if I did not do this publishing and automation into the body with care and with clear principles as that which is best for all life as the living word as the flesh, my self as the flesh will be a vehicle that will cause abuse and will live in one of the many forms of fear as either being the fear or creating fear.”

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept a society as humanity where the individual exist as the walking dead as mental zombies unable to be compassionate in ways that is measurably best for all life in giving each individual a life worthy of life itself.”

When it comes to being compassionate about our neighbours, there is no compassion in finding a definite solution to the harm that is directed by money. Money is the excuse for abuse, why not make money our agreement to be compassionate?

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept a world based on profit and the manipulation of the mind sense purely for the profit of the few creating a system where the majority act like zombies and accept enslavement to a system that cause inequality and suffering like zombies unable to stand coherently together to challenge the system in a lawful way that will bring acceptable change and a way of life where life is honoured and respected.”

I feel like Bernard is giving the answer to changing this world on a silver platter. If each one of us takes responsibility for our own acceptance of a world of profit, and acceptance of our own enslavement to the system, wake up as to how to really care for our neighbour – through ‘how we mistreated the majority for a few’/money system – enacting a money system that values life/cares for our neighbour, then it’s really that simple. I mean how we accepted a system of inequality and abuse was simple: we voted then disempowered ourselves claiming that the money system is forcing us to submit. Vote again, understand that the excuse for abuse is the money system, so vote for a modified money system – one that translates compassion into the bottom-line terms: give people enough money to live a dignified life. Then I won’t have to worry if I can’t work anymore, or if I can’t engage in the work that is paid well in the current money system.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept a society that refuse to consider the evidence of the programmable functionality of the body though the mind and to use such knowledge to actually create a human that is the image and likeness of life instead of allowing a dysfunctional human to emerge from a directionless education that only promote self interest and competition with the purpose to have effective consumer zombies that buy anything that is dished up as if that is what defines life.”

Each adult you speak to is the evidence that the education system promotes no direction and teaches people to find other ways of fulfilling self interest and competition. I think the main reason why Living Income Guaranteed is not gaining in popularity is because people are conditioned to become obsessed with what they want, their self interest, and compete for it. The fact that people don’t search for an answer to the temperamental economic system is evidence that people have come to accept a system of inequality. In consideration of what is here though, the main reason for Living Income Guaranteed’s obscurity is because there is no money to make it known to the public. Large businesses that people know are either funded by large corporations, or they’re funded by people, purely on self interest.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed fear to be the source of pacifying the human race for the purpose of creating subdued states of being within which the human will be divided and conquered to exist in a zombie state that the human will teach to each forth coming generation as if that is the only acceptable way of being.”

Fear breeds apathy. Implement a Living Income Guaranteed, remove the basic fear, and people will get out of apathy and if informed to do what is best for all life, and will eventually learn to love their neighbour as themselves.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a state of being as civilization so zombified that it would claim hysterically that anything that promotes what is best for all life is a lie and must be evil as it will remove the one thing that has caused the zombie state which is free choice without consequence in spite of the clear direction that that which is best for all is the practical living of free choice with the consideration of consequence to create a society that is best for all life in all ways.”


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Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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