Day 286: Blank Slate Mind Zombies

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“I commit myself to clear my mind from all thoughts, visions, back chat, reactions, feelings, emotions and so clear my body as well from all types of accepted automations that in any way contribute to my automatic state of zombihood that contribute and cause in any way suffering, abuse, war, poverty, self interest, sexual abuse, inequality and any part that in any way contribute to a civilization that is not that which is best for all life to in this way bring my part breath by breath in creating a civilization that is based on the foundation of Life as the only value that is worthy and as such equal within all.”

In this way I do my part to practically changing this world through changing myself first.

“I commit myself to a system of education within the family, the education system, the media, entertainment and any form that contribute to the programming of a child that will impact their lives through automated responses and beliefs , to purify and direct such systems to be accountable and proven as the foundational instruction that will produce a human that will in every way be what is best for life and through their understanding and self respect and the fact that each human will be without fear and distrust, we will develop a society that will be in fact one of life and thus love and fulfilment. In this way the pursuit of happiness will become irrelevant as all desires will be fulfilled within the context of what is best for all life and all abuse will be stopped in every way necessary.”

A system of education starts with how I educate myself, which I interpret as what I do in a day. To purify and direct the system automating what I work on, to hold that system and my time spent on entertainment accountable to direct it. Which implies understanding myself as that moment I compel myself to work on something pointless, that moment I urge to entertain myself. And I understand from a book that the business of managing my time to render my labour valuable is a living, breathing thing that is unpredictable and I must understand what I do and the output it produces.

“I commit myself to the self honest investigation of the process that takes place as the mind program the body to automation and to look at the examples already visible daily like for instance the driving of a car to establish for myself a self honest foundation with which to stop the indulgence in illusions as mind and to realize that when a person has automated themselves to drive a car, they no longer use the mind, but that the body then is the driver while the person is able to do multitasking like talk on a cellphone or have a conversation without it diminishing the ability of the body to function as the driver of the car. I will establish within me clear directive principles to assist me with self realization and self awareness correction to place each part in its place that I may never again deceive myself by giving inappropriate values to parts that would cause harm to life directly or indirectly.”

I am reminded again that the mind is but a tool to program my body, and that I have given inappropriate values to parts that serve no purpose. Clear directive principles include being specific and somewhat skeptical of my current inclinations and propensities. Which includes writing to myself why I make such a decision, what obstacles of my own mind might I face, and in real time, try, fail and repeat until I understand how I am blocking myself from change. Until I am self honest to know exactly why I am in the position I am in.

“I commit myself to study the way the mind publish information into my body as automated systems to make sure I only publish and activate systems that will function in ways I have confirmed is best for all life that I may be able to establish self trust in myself as all parts representing me in this reality confirmed as best for all life always.”

I understand how my mind publishes information into my body by investigating my emotions, reactions, moments where a feeling influenced my decision.

“I commit myself to find the point in each person I meet during my time on earth that has the potential to develop into the process to life that each may have the opportunity to birth themselves as life, although I do understand that some will refuse and will thus be unable and unwilling to actually allow themselves to consider life as equal. In such cases I understand that regardless they would become the outcome of their choice and thus not be part of Life that will be Here when all that is here is life.”

It’s giving to my neighbour what I would like to receive.

“I commit myself to be part of the creation of a society that will be based on the only profit that is valid and that is that all life is equal value and all life profit thus equally from what is given for free by the planet and all forces that sustain the ecosystem and that the part we as humanity will contribute is labor and the will to create from resources that which will benefit all in the best possible way.”

This implies that I must investigate and direct all forms of apathy revealed in daily habits.

“I commit myself to demonstrate in every way possible how the programmability of the human have been abused and how that can be stopped that this abuse may end and make room for a world that is based in life.”

I demonstrate how the current programming of the human is harmful by changing the parts of my programming that is not best for all and by demonstrating what can be possible for a person to live.

“I commit myself to expose all fear as the irrational nature it is through ways that prevent such occurrence to allow the human to consider to be the answer they are here on earth to explore—namely the answer as life evidenced through how each live and interact and allow each to live.”

A suggestion would be to take one action that I’ve identified feeling to influence my action/participation, evidenced in how I spent my time, and list all the possible fears I can think of that might be the reason of me acting that way. Forgive and specify my directive principle through self commitment statements and test myself the next day, to see if it repeats, to see if I may stop myself from repeating.

“I commit myself to be the one that all that are in fear may blame and scream at till they have no more obsessed energy left that in that way I may assist them to not end up harming others in self interest and thus reach a point where they may realize the power of self directed self forgiveness within self honesty and thus may find the way home to life.”

Don’t take anger personally.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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