Day 290: Absolute Certainty

“I commit myself to find each point that with absolute certainty will result in consequences that we as humanity can in fact direct to outcomes that is best for all life.”

A point I’m testing out is seeing a breath as a spotlight of what I really find important, so what’s important is what I’m doing in this moment – in this letting go of the future projections of doing important tasks. And failure to live my priorities is feedback – a point I require either investigating to change, or changing in real time.

A consequence of this thinking is that I remind myself more often of the decision I make, and the gap from acting out my decision and what I am currently acting on. Betray my decision (and have no blame but see/realize/understand that it was all my doing), or take the easy route. And there’s more sense of accountability in a practical sense: each moment adds up and you notice.

“I commit myself to be ready in every breath to face death whose time is uncertain with respect and trust that I have live in a way that is best for all life and that I leave behind the world in the image and likeness of life so that each life form that come here after I am gone, may find the support that must be equal for all life in ways that is best for life.”

That’s a point: when you live your decisions you begin to develop respect and trust of yourself. Acting on decisions to do what is best for all life is, to my mind, the most profitable and tangible decisions because the alternative is to live in a mind coma merely fulfilling your own mind, when doing what is best for all life means fulfilling your real self – the body that implies responsibility in the world – to eventually find ways of fulfilling other people’s real selves.

“I commit myself to live time as breath in ways that is self honestly the best to make sure a world is born that is best for all life.”

To live time as breath is, in a way, to place importance on waht occurs in each breath, like your breath being a pen drawing a line and you cannot erase or correct that line. You can correct the line as it is drawn, but you cannot change the past. Living time as breath means accountability at the moment level, so one hour spent on numbing yourself from the negative is not one hour – it was many moments left alone for the mind, thoughts, feelings, to direct for you, with a fabricated helplessness towards your own feelings. That whole time you were breathing, it takes one breath to change.

And it’s fun to participate breath by breath, asking myself, self honestly, is what I am doing the best? Is this participation something I would be content in someone mimicking?

“I commit myself to find and present a new eco system for life as economic system that in every way would be that which I would wish upon myself and upon my children that all life may be equally supported. I understand that for this to be realized, I must remove all my personal fears and delusions about self interest and align myself with life that I am able to give as I would like to receive. I commit myself to challenge each one that claim they are working towards a solution when I am certain that such solution will not be what is best for all life in every way.”

In a way, this is the point we have all missed: finding and presenting a new eco system for life as economic system. Economic system restricts me to basically be a slave, and is the primary cause for crime? Change it. The current economic system exists because of each person’s participation and acceptance and allowance of it. Men don’t use skincare products because society accepts and allows tradition to rule, the marketers are helpless to change that; the politicians and economists are helpless to change society’s opinion if society’s opinion is to implement a new economic system that values life: the beginning of which is Living Income Guaranteed. All the practical functioning of the economic system is with society, never can be replaced by a minority elite.

Learning how to communicate and present a new economic system is also a necessary skill. Part of why the virtues of the old culture is fading is because the society that existed in the old culture did not learn how to propagate their values. It’s really a learning of how to educate another to the measured real-time advantages of one value over another: commitment over wanton pleasure-seeking. Need the resolve to challenge people when I am certain that such solution will not be what is best for all life in every way.

“I commit myself to only focus on a system that will produce equal abundance for all based on the fact that the only value is life and that it is equal in all.”

Focus will be required because educating just others around me takes focus, to verbalize the reasons for a system.

“I commit myself to find a monetary system that will in fact allow all to live as equals”

Living Income Guaranteed is the beginning.

“I commit myself to replace the system of debt through lawful means with a system that will support all life equally.”

Lawful means includes educating those around me of a system that will support all life equally, and when the education process is enough have a population vote in a new economic system, based on equal understanding.

“I commit myself to act within this world where I am able as the image and likeness of a benevolent creator to create and produce a world that is best for all life.”

Act within this world where I am able prods my self honest evaluation that I can do more. Who wouldn’t want the entirety of their participation to be in the image and likeness of a benevolent creator? But it’s a means to the end of producing a world that is best for all life: Life is the value.

“I commit myself to the common sense that no saviour can ever change the world or make it a place worthy of life, only me as human can do that.”

Because a saviour and letting humanity be saved by a saviour implies humanity stepping down from free choice to zombie – heeding every call of this saviour. Only humans can change the world, which implies responsibility for what has been created. To act on that responsibility is to identify how I coaxed myself to accept and allow the system to remain the same, and how I came to conclude that the system is a god-like entity, and to forgive myself for conning myself.

The main point that I accepted and allowed to make me accept the system was entertainment. Without it the practical implications of how the system throws its weight around would be so painful to accept that I would do something about it.

“I commit myself to leave a world that will be prepared to be the best for every child and life form that will come to experience themselves here.”

Statements like these seem to be too big, but on some level I know that it begins with my acceptance and allowance of my participation in feelings, the evidence of my day lived each day as time irreversible.

This is an example of acting within this world where I am able as the image and likeness of a benevolent creator to create and produce a world that is best for all life.

to leave a world that will be prepared to be the best = to create a self that is prepared to live the best, start at first principles, in the image and likeness of a benevolent creator.

“I commit myself to expose and stop my secret mind that I may be able to trust myself to act always in a measurable way that will result in what is best for all life.”

I am always acting in a measurable way, due to an omnipotent and omnipresent force of time. Time can be divided into each breath I take, and is accounted for because of death/a certain end. Sleep is like a simulated certain end, for me to practice living the perfect day – a day in the shoes of a benevolent creator.

The only way to accelerate the process of deleting my secret mind is through writing – not publishing. Write to your heart’s content then introspect as to the practical implications of your words. Forgive yourself for them, rinse and repeat. Writing is amazing in that it exudes accountability in a measurable way.

“I commit myself to be part of the group that is guided by the principles of what is best for all life as equality and oneness till it is done.”

This is a practical implication of wanting to educate a population to act in equal understanding and as one to decide/vote in a new economic system. Join a group that is guided by the principles of what is best for all life.

“I commit myself to make sure mankind will not doom itself in its search of self interest and to stand in the way of each one that abuse life till they stop.”

Real compassion. I would rather be jolted awake by words while I am still living, instead of being held absolutely accountable for disrespecting life at death when I am inevitably judged by my own common sense, to be disheartened by how little I have become compared to what life can be, through giving life as I would like to receive life.

“I commit myself to be part of the creation of a world that in every way will be absolutely certain to be best for all life.”

This sentence confirms the validity of a group, that one saviour will make no difference to what is necessary: a group decision under equal understanding to vote for change. There is value in the individual, but that cannot replace the value of a group acting as one: this world is the evidence of a group’s contributions compared to an invididual’s contributions.

“I commit myself to create myself as the absolute certain living word as life.”

To be absolute, work with what is absolute: the accountability permeating a moment of breath. Certain – expose and delete my secret mind so I can be certain of my commitment to be the best, to give what is best for all life. Living word – the journey never ends, living a word is a breath away always, and is a breath away from not living a word; living the word ‘discipline’ is a breath away always, and is a breath away from not living the word ‘discipline’. This is responsibility.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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