Day 291: Speaking from the Heart

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fail recognizing
that earth is the heart of the Universe and is the giver of life where I may
experience myself and within how I express myself as experience within the
interconnectedness of all others that are here equal as the gift of life, I
will define myself either as an equal as life or as an abuser of life.”

I enjoy how one is either equal or an abuser of life – not more or less, only
that you are equal to what you do, in thought, word, or deed. Equal to or
abuser of life also makes each moment’s choice clear: am I equal to or abuse
life? The choice is not sudden like a person calling you a name – you’re
more, you’re less! – it adds up one by one. And your fate may be the
consequence of all those insignificant ones you allowed thought to intervene
in your actions, or stopped thoughts to get into action.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to never speak from
the heart of earth, but instead created an illusion of what gives life as the
heart of the mind where I have invented energy and named it in the image and
likeness of my self interest and called it love, from which I moved and have
my being as the illusion I have projected and in this act of creation I have
separated myself from that which gives life and ended up as the image and
likeness in abuse as I imposed upon all other life forms the version of the
heart where words are spoken in vain in spite of the evidence of abuse that I
participate in as the world system.”

I attest to how powerful our own beliefs are in shaping our world. If you
think it’s one competition, you’ll find and behave as if there are
competitions to fight because that’s what makes you comfortable.  A fairer
view of the world may be that everyone’s in their bubble, dependent on other’s
participation to decide whether their bubble becomes a fight or not, or any
other adjective (risky, daring). The point is before the world, I am
responsible for the kind of world I support and advertise through my
behaviours and actions.

When I was in the illusion of education – the grades and the hierarchy and the
status – I ignored the full extent of consequences of my actions and
behaviours. That I create a world that others interact through my actions and
behaviours, and that I could create this small world to be best, for all life.
That amazingly, the culture I create as myself – the whole package of actions
– already has a say in what popular culture is, through my participation in it
or not. And that sets the example for future generations to mimic the world I
engrossed myself in – without deciding to take action to see the consequence
of my world. Evidence is self evident in my actions, I chose not to see it to
engross myself in positivity – light, light, entertainment, entertainment,
movies, television, this is what life should be.

Denying what life is, in part because I knew if I understood what life is, I
would be revolted and become radical and challenge things and make my life
difficult, so it seemed to me.

The most difficult thing is denying reality for illusions – a general picture
of positivity and light – denying to give life – participate in thoughts,
actions, and behaviours that are of a benevolent creator, that would consider
his creation in the context of all creation/life – in how I received life. So
many people’s lives on Earth I can tell already will be very difficult when
reality has the last say – however it manifests as an economic plight or
whatever – , as it did for me when I failed university to snap out of my
obsession with education.

The evidence of abuse is this world system, that I participate/already have a
say in, through my mere participation, it’s not that big a deal. The topics I
choose to speak about with friends and acquaintances, when I will take a stand
to correct where I see others fall short in their consideration – that if they
considered what I did also, they may see the sense in “my” way – is the
partcipation I am referring to.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become so
obsessive about my own heart love creation that I have failed to find within
me the compassion to honor love and instead I have redefined compassion to
suit my version of the heart illusion in spite of the fact that my illusion
will only last as long as I feed it energy that I forcibly take from my
physical body, the body I was given as real life.”

It’s really easy to become obsessive about “my own heart love creation”
because that is the only element and vocabulary that is advertised in child
entertainment – toys, games, television, anime, TV shows. I myself am shocked
to never have thought or conceived the concept of doing something best for all
life until I read – all I did is read – the interviews given by Bernard
Poolman. Meanwhile I developed all these habits I need to correct when I
could have “made myself right” the first time around, now I have all these
memories charged with emotions/feelings, become accustomed to doing what is
dictated by feeling, instead of common sense/measured effect on reality as a
direct effect of the cause that is my actions.

Amazing how Bernard phrases it: the compassion to honor love. It’s like it
implies that if one were to honor love in reality, one would care about
other’s situations and that their situations are all homogenized to have the
same food, water, and shelter – a Living Income Guaranteed to give money to
get cool housing and stuff for each one, not just leave it to chance that your
family is able to provide for you or not. Because how can you invest in love
when you’re starving, etc.: you need the basics to love. Real love would deal
favorable terms for the real part of ourselves: food, water, transportation,
shelter, education for our physical body that is real life. Education because
one needs to be educated to take care of and take responsibility for our own
body, to be the boss that decides to operate his body under optimal
conditions: sleep, nutrition.

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to renege on my
responsibility to that which gave me life which is the earth and all that is
here and that through this I have become an infestation on the face of my
creator that acts like a disease that can never be satisfied, because I
attempt to force my maker to be in the image and likeness of the illusion of
the heart of love as the mind as that which I have created myself as in the
energy I have transmuted from my maker through the system of the mind.”

Bernard’s right: what also gave me life was this Earth, shouldn’t I bear some
responsibility for my mother Earth that gave life so freely (with free choice)
to me? Eco-friendly should not be a special privilege but a prerequisite term
for living on Earth, the quality of air in my immediate environment matters,
who cares if I can fly to a place untouched by pollution: flagrantly polluting
this Earth by acceptance and allowance of businesses to do so in my place, in
the name of my convenience, should not be acceptable. What about everyone

And that I “attempt to force my maker to be in the image and likeness of the
illusion of the heart of love as the mind…” implies that my attempt is
futile, what is the value of my exclusive cashmere scarf, my latest gadget –
subject to my imagination in my mind -, in the face of a tsunami, an example
of the absolute authority that is this Earth? I attempt to force my maker,
but my body is already evidence of the authority of the Earth, my lifelong
dependence on Earth. So what constitutes independence in the system after
being lifelong dependent on Earth for my water and food?

Bernard is also precise in denoting the relationship of which came first:
body, then mind, then feeling/love. Hence “the image and likeness of the
illusion of the heart of love as the mind as that which I have created myself
as in the energy I have transmuted from my maker…”

Also note “…through the system of the mind”: my mind is a system that may
use logic and feeling to justify my daily patterns. My thoughts, words,
deeds. It will have failsafes if one line of justification fails to convince
me to act on self-interest, I would imagine a self imposed tantrum to be the
next level of security for my mind to keep me repeating an action, behaviour,
or habit. It can be written out and thus I may realize that my mind is not
almighty, it can be described on paper, sentence by sentence, until one
understands that my own habits and its reasonings is so small compared to the
life in front of me, that is asking for a Living Income Guaranteed so all life
may be equally fulfilled and boss over their bodies.

“I forgive myself that I have failed to see that all life is in fact equally
given and that those with the opportunity to make a choice like me are in fact
given the greater responsibility and the test to see what we would chose when
we are here where all is subject to an conditional giving”

Everyone reading this is tasked with “the greater responsibility and the
test.” If theoretically, our version of love – written in the mind – ends at
death, I will be free to judge myself accordingly for the choices I made. I
imagine myself realizing the value of my own life, then gawk at why I did not
make the choice to honor that same life in another, that “is in fact equally

The choice to realize that the economic system is the cause for crime so an
addendum must be implemented, a Living Income Guaranteed, and the greater
responsibility to educate others on the center of balance that is the economic
system, that is central to the well being of my neighbour.

Politicians and large corporations are not the cause of my plight, each of us
as a group are, we need to make a decision to accept that our economic system
is the heart of corruption – educate me and others around me – and that we
must transmute it with a change in laws, democratically, peaceably, to a
Living Income Guaranteed. We must peaceably agree to give the conditional
giving (e.g. food, water, shelter, transportation, education, can be summed up
with money) that we are also subject to and rely on every day we turn on our
tap for water, take public transportation, make a phone call, send a Whatsapp
– it’s all made possible with the agreement we placed amongst each other
called money, so what easier way to world change than to enact world change
with money, the words as laws, legislation placed around money.

A more advanced form of “solidity” of our money is not “gold standard”, but
“resource” standard – it has been suggested once by Living Income Guaranteed
that our natural resources be the value that is given back to the population
to live their lives fruitfully. Makes more sense that our natural resources
be the backing for our money than a historically-backed gold, which in modern
times is an arbitrary metal in the eyes of the laws governing money.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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