Day 293: Speaking from the Heart

“I commit myself to re establish my relationship with my maker and to honor my maker so that my days may be lengthened upon the earth.”

“My maker” means the earth, my beliefs, fears, desires, feelings as what I have delegated to to be my maker.

To honor my maker means to honor the earth through doing what I am able to, educating myself on a possible solution that is Living Income Guaranteed, taking responsibility for the patterns that I allow to govern my life through writing about it.

“I commit myself to earth myself that I may be rebirthed to life and live my life as the extension of the earth as the hand of my maker that see that all life is given equally from the storehouse of life which is the earth.”

As what I have valued is the illusion, my mind, my heart of love, “I commit myself to earth myself”: to analyze and correct the patterns I participate in that are not best, with writing as a handy tool to measurably do so, “as the extension of the earth as the hand of my maker” honoring my maker, aligning myself to make certain that all life is given equally, reading up on Living Income Guaranteed to educate myself at the least to understand the root problem that is this world, that makes possible for one to live in luxury while one starves, in this technological age where that can be eradicated, but isn’t because the money isn’t there.

“I commit myself to expose all obsessions about the illusions of the heart of love with living physical common sense till all see what has been allowed and return home to earth to walk as one as equal as life here within the context of what life really entails on earth.”

Love as my own personal choice is a farce because we do not care for the body that exists aside from that special another, that physical body that is equal and one and the same for all people, that we allow a single person to starve in this day and age, that we refuse to collectively refuse war and all forms of abuse of the real giver of life that is the heart of the universe: earth.

For my reference, my current method of choosing my participation is placing my physical body first, as the body is the real living being, and my feelings after that.

“I commit myself to eradicate the illusions created by the mind from the face of the earth so that this face of earth could blossom with life radiantly and to place the mind back in its place as servant system to life.”

To “eradicate the illusions” is to eradicate my programmed notions and feelings of love, that is a product of history in fact that I copied from those before me.

To “place the mind back in its place” is to no longer accept automated easy behaviours and routines, to instead exchange them for actions done in common sense each moment.

“I commit myself to never chose anything else but what is best for all life and in such action in fact by implication give up choice as it is proven to only be a way that allows abuse and I as life will only chose life.”

Bernard said this in another way which I paraphrase; anything but what is best for all life is abuse. And I think he’s right: anything less than the best for all life would mean fucking with a living being, a life.

Giving up choice is hard only because I became used to it after repeating endlessly choice. But it seems infinitely rewarding to be a living example of what is best for all life, it’s like a treasure that one bestow on oneself through repetition in the small moments – it’s the same way we inherited the mental disease of choice, a diminished version of myself that cater exclusively to my idea, in deliberate ignorance of all life.

To me Bernard is an example of that infinite reward: he got to live being an example of what is best for all life, educate people like myself of the hazard of free choice and self interest, and to my common sense it isn’t exclusive to him. We may all make that choice, which my choice in each moment gives my life rather fun and exciting character.

“I commit myself to set the earth free from the infestation of the illusions created by the mind that all that may come from the earth in time to come may have equal from what earth has to offer.”

Set the earth free by facing my own personal infestation of illusions created by my mind first.

“I commit myself to in every way possible remind those that are lost in the mind as energy and self created hearts of love, that they can give this up in one breath and begin their journey to return to earth, but that this journey will be tough as each will be measured in every way to see if you will ever again abuse life that was given freely and enslave it to an illusion to such an extent that life disappeared, so extensively that only a tiny spark remain. To rekindle this spark will take a complete rebirth and re-education as the body have been subjected to tortuous enslavement from the illusion from the beginning of time. Thus I commit myself to bring to an end and to set that which is life free that we may be here together as life as one as equal.”

These are the words of someone that walked the journey himself first, so I make certain in myself that I am facing, with each small moment’s change, a complete rebirth and re-education, that it will be tough. Knowing that the journey will be tough gives more incentive to go on, than to assume it easy and complain about how tough it is.

“Thus I commit myself to bring to an end [the mind playing master] and to set that which is life free that we may be here together as life as one as equal.”

“I commit myself to spread the awareness as to the relationships that are really life and really real as breath, as body, as heart beat, so that those lost in the mind may wake up and take responsibility and forgive themselves for what they have allowed themselves to become as the image and likeness of the illusions of energy and love –a state that is in fact heartless as the earth as heart and the heart of the body is not recognized for what it gives and make possible on earth.”

Implied is that if I continue to wallow in illusions of energy and love, I will be in fact heartless – haha, everything is in reverse – as the earth as heart and the heart of the body is not recognized for what it gives and make possible on earth.

Spread the awareness as to the relationships that are really life
– the body is the real living being, not the mind or ego or name or reputation
– love presents a world of abuse as in the name of everyone’s love, a world of abuse has been sustained and justified
– a schedule is the product of each breath, one breath plus one breath equals two
– commitment is a series of a single choice in each breath, and I have the tool of writing and forgiveness to deal with my demons that obstruct me from doing what is best for all life, I am actually given many choices, many chances to live on earth
– each day is like a simulation of life and death, it is possible to practice until the perfect day – one where not a single moment is spent on self interest – is the evidence of a being committed to life
– everything is in reverse: what is known to harm may heal, what is known to heal may harm
– in our unlimited imagination, it is stil bound by a limited number of breaths: act like you have a limited number of breaths, simulate it with each day that you are forced to wake up, and forced to sleep by my body as the right hand of the earth that illustrates my physical limitation

“I commit myself to restore to life that which is given as life at the birth of each being through the promotion and establishment of a system on earth that fairly distributed that which is given to support life so that life may discover itself again as we have lost all true values and become but illusions chasing changing winds only to end as a name on a cross with the body six feet underground, leaving a legacy of abuse in our wake.”

So the journey to Life with the Living Income Guaranteed and political action is not an amazing innovation – it is a restoration, restoring to life that which is given.

“We have lost all true values” Here I am careful of how I see myself, as what I value may very well be the opposite of true value, so by implication I must inspect what I value that all of it as me respects and honours life.

Between a legacy of abuse and a legacy of life in my wake, I would prefer a legacy of life – so then I must follow through with the consequences of my decision: write myself to freedom, re-educate myself on the religion of myself as what I easily value and forgive myself for what I have done, create a space where my words can be held accountable so I may hold myself accountable, eradicate habits that do not serve life. Habits that serve anything less than life serves abuse. “leaving a legacy of abuse in our wake.”

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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