Day 299: BrainWashing and Mind Control

“I commit myself to stop and take responsibility for my life to investigate all relationships and to equalize them in every way to demonstrate that we as humans can in fact co-exist as equals and create a world of love and peace where all of us are included in living a life of happiness.”

Simple, take responsibility for my life, yet you will find many excuses not to do it. Essentially this is what Bernard himself is doing: investigating all relationships, starting with one, and equalizing their definition through his words “in every way to demonstrate that we as humans can in fact co-exist”.

He explains what love can be in a previous blog, and exercises that definition in this blog.

“I commit myself to understand the tool as my mind where I have lost my footing and got lost in my own personal god mania as the personality so that I may set myself free form this personal obsession creation machine to take responsibility for all that is here as actual life as the physical world before I end up driving everything to extinction in my quest for personal happiness in the mind.”

I am +1 for how my own mind became “my own personal god mania” as I attempted to impose knowings on a reality that completely rejected it. An example would be how I would attempt to bend myself to please people for them to like me – personal god wanting to impose his beliefs on this world. Where this world is, more objectively speaking, a mess of individualized realities where each reality is determined by the people in each – I’m referring to each person and their work environment, largely dependent on the actions (or reactions?) of his/her co-workers.

Another example was me attempting to become more aware to more easily absorb maths. Big mistake.

Another was my personal obsession with the personal achievement system implied by the education system, that bubble got burst with a single moment of failing the exams in university. Having to clean up or direct myself for the consequences of believing so much in education, which luckily is something I can do.

Be careful of “driving everything to extinction in my quest for personal happiness in the mind.” Personal happiness in the mind is a dangerous line of thought to follow – better to rejoice in the conditional giving that everyone is subject to, being in a physical reality called earth.

“I commit myself to share the evidence that I find in blogs and vlogs to place in physical evidence the findings of my research that it may be available for all to see so that I with others may create a self evident investigative published work of research as the signs we have found to establish our own peer reviewed work as the science of life where profit will never again determine what is best for all life and where the control of the mind through self interest will never again be seen as science and this way, we will leave a living record as living words that will never be destroyed.”

I admit it is important to create a space where profit is out of the picture, and what is best for all is enforced as a principle. We may do this with our blogs.

And I admit that the future happiness of future generations would far surpass any measure of happiness I am able to muster for my little self (compared to n little selves). Leaving a living record as living words that will never be destroyed, means making sure the words that I live are what is best for all life and through each doing this, taking responsibility for him/herself, one create a culture of life. That’s exactly how we created a culture of consumerism.

“I commit myself to stop my addiction to the fake power that the mind make me belief in and to break-free from the brainwashing and mind control and to be in service of life as that is the real dominion on earth and will make earth a paradise”

Bernard writes aptly: “to stop my addiction to the fake power that the mind make me believe in”.

To place oneself in service of life surely is more worthwhile than placing myself in service of myself, you get to give to that many more beings, n beings if involving future generations as well.

To say that real dominion on earth is “to be in service of life” is accurate, to my mind. And that putting myself in service to life will make earth a paradise is heavenly.

“I commit myself to no longer eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge as it is tainted and poisoned with profit and self interest and cannot be trusted and to establish the tree of life to be the only valid fruit that will contain the knowledge of the equality of life so that we may return to life the life we were given.”

Everything you have ever known is a lie, everything you have ever believed in is a lie = the tree of knowledge.

“I commit myself to speak out and to publish and reveal in every way possible all the ways that the brainwashing and mind-control work till all wake up to the fact that all have denied life and have fallen in the trap of the money god that use rules and forgiveness that do not support life, but only support those that love the money god.”

Everyone reading this must speak up: letting the marketers speak for us is doing a horrible job. I find a huge advantage that goes with blogging is that you make yourself accountable for the words you live, well you can do that if you’re honest with yourself. It’s also quite an encouragement to see past limitations that you blew away to damnation, to read your own evidence that you’ve changed in fact.

So what’s clear in this statement is that support exists, but as a diminished form: me me me, instead of we we we. We implies a Living Income Guaranteed, as you can imagine, because it’s rather archaic to categorize family by blood, what about the family categorized by life and what have we done to this family.

“I commit myself to stop the money god through knowing myself as life and knowing what I have allowed as the personality so that I may correct and restore this world to its former glory before I as man arrived here.”

Utterly fascinating that to banish the money god in our thoughts, words, and deeds, we do this “through knowing myself as life and knowing what I have allowed as the personality”. I am the answer, seriously? But in seriousness, being that one step more selfish to forgive myself, and get to the bottom of my own habits, has been the most fruitful of activities in my life.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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