Day 305: Who am I? Prisoner of the Mind?

“I commit myself to decide who I will be as life, defined through my own free-will to be that which reflects in every relationship on Earth as an outcome that is best for all life.”

You can’t fight what is best for all life – it’s the best, for all life, which includes you, but in my experience people have personal reasons for not subscribing and practicing the consequence of accepting this concept. Like to be best for all life, I have to investigate and ensure that each part of me is in fact what is best for all life.

And this is exciting because it means measurably, practically, becoming the best version of you – though you may choose to be a lesser version of yourself, with nothing to stop you, why settle for less? Go full throttle on your self interest and stand visibly as what is best for all life.

“I commit myself to expose everywhere in this world where the system relationships show that life is not honoured, the consequence of such abuse, and to present a solution to the relationships so that the outcome can change to what is best for all life.”

It’s actually quite easy to find flaws in the world system – what’s difficult is articulating the consequences of such abuse, and presenting a solution.

“I commit myself to live my decision as who I am as life in every breath through my direct participation to effect relationships, change, and understanding through re-definition till the outcome of ALL relationships on Earth, by all participants, is ALWAYS what is best for all life.”

I’m starting to understand. To live my decision as who I am implies a form of eternity and a newness to the decision, that at every given moment, you will say no to self interest for what is best for all life. That is difficult because I have a secret mind. Investigating yourself is hard work, but effective practice of pretty enjoyable skills: of stating what is not best, the consequences of why it’s not best, and presenting a solution to yourself.

“I commit myself to walk the time that is required to delete through self-forgiveness from my flesh the abuse that I have allowed the living flesh to become, and then to re-birth myself and gift to my flesh Life, as what is best for all Life, as the living participant, till this is done. Clearly stable, trustworthy, effective, and it results in a world changed to in every way reflect that which is best for all life.”

Time indeed. It did take years to form a secret mind. What an adventure to be “Clearly stable, trustworthy, effective”. Important to note is that real change of oneself must effect change in one’s world.

“I commit myself to prepare the way before all children to be that of life by confronting the accepted foundation as parenting of the world system as it reflects in education, religion, government, and all other systems that protect the current abusive parental system until parenting is in fact that which guarantee that in every way every child will always be educated to be that which is best for all life, and through this we will guarantee a world that is best for all.”

Being the best version of you is not only for you, it’s preparing the way before all children. Exactly like how you copied generations to be one generation, all children will do the same. So it’s important to confront the accepted foundation as parenting of the world system, for the reasons stated above.

“I commit myself to unlock the prison of this world through free-choice and to give the key through understanding of how the key functions to everyone else, so that they can also unlock their prisons as I understand that each key has been uniquely created by each person themselves, and therefore alone each one can unlock their own prison door, but I can support them and haunt them until they realize the confinement they find themselves in is their own personal hell from which they are free to escape – if they dare.”

Apt analogy, as in my experience, having a vocabulary devoid of what is best for all life becomes like a prison of words in one’s mind. Which is probably why writing can be so effective if one wills it to be self honest, which self forgiveness plays a big part to be self honest.

“I commit myself to not accept any excuse in any way that justifies why the prison on Earth should continue.”

“I commit myself to be the parent I must be with my children, so that they will result in the living flesh that is freely life in expression here on Earth. ”

“I commit myself to create, breath by breath, the evidence of my presence as life here on Earth as I realize that only once the world has proven changed to life, will I have proven to myself that I in fact life as well.”

Yes, this is the point I’ve been ruminating before the end of this blog. If the world currently is reflecting back at me as evil and who I am to be evil, therefore I must act to change this world and only when this world is changed, can I say that who I am is in fact life as well.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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