Day 307: Atheism Failed as Home for Reason?

“I commit myself to remind Atheists of the prime objective of deductive reasoning, which is the Jesus message to investigate all things and keep what is best.”

Bernard himself is a prime example of what is possible under the principle of investigate all things and keep what is best. His body of work represents a deep criticism of many aspects of life. It’s all on the Desteni website and in this blog, Creation’s Journey to Life. In the future the posts will be writings not in the form of self forgiveness, but extremely fascinating and eye-opening.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that we must not demonize the message nor the messenger, but rather find in the message, that which will support reason so that we may be able to help those still lost in irrationality.”

This is for the people that scoff at the first self commitment statement, to not demonize the Jesus message or Jesus himself, but rather find within oneself that which will support reason: investigating all things and keeping what is best supports reason in every way.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that throughout the ages any message that would bring an end to the irrationality of invisible gods and saviours has been distorted and demonized deliberately to divide any opposition to the current world-regime and thus humanity has remained conquered and imprisoned, either through direct participation in irrationality, or through silence and non-action.”

Here Bernard refers to what I refer to as the modern form of abuse: direct participation in irrationality and silence and non-action. Both are forms of acceptances and allowances within, in one’s mind, and without, in how I direct my world or lack direction in my world.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that to allow the minority in the group to spread hate and vindictiveness distorts the face of reason as the foundation of Atheism; and that because this is allowed by the majority who remains silent in fear of similar vindictiveness, you must ask yourself the question: whether those that misrepresent Atheism through hate and vindictiveness are not just still in service of the very same irrational faith they claim to have left behind.”

Bernard’s words are thought of in such a way that you need minimal technical vocabulary to understand the common sense he is practicing and revealing, such as the situation with the majority keeping silent in fear of vindictiveness, and the minority subject to the same irrational faith they claim to have left behind.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists of the primary objective of Atheism as deductive reasoning, which in its very nature implies mathematically and scientifically the principles of self-honesty.”

To me it’s fascinating that mathematically and scientifically, deductive reasoning implies self honesty. But then again, if I were not honest to myself of my observations I would not be capable of reasoning.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that faith and religion do not hold the only view on forgiveness and that forgiveness used by oneself is the first step to reason as equals within the objective to free the world from fanaticism as the disease that holds the world in the shackles of insanity.”

So Bernard is implying deductive reasoning implies self honesty, implies forgiveness, and that forgiveness is not a hokey-pokey religious act, it’s the first step to reason. In my experience that is the case: when you’re caught in irrational imagination, you believe school and grades are your only reality worth keeping an eye on, forgiveness really untangles because you list for yourself, all the reasoning for your view, and can – if you will it – slowly but surely realize that your view is a limited view, a sheltered view.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that to base Atheism on taking revenge on all those preoccupied by the fear of God is unreasonable as fear is a condition parents used throughout history to control children without realizing that this fear would bear fruit when the child becomes an adult and create a world that is based on fear seeking redemption from fairytale God.”

I always wondered, what happens between the fear phase of a teen and the confident image of an adult? Well, this answers my question. The fear does bear fruit by the adult creating the world that is based on fear. So I suppose the cerebral relief – and the confident image – is from being that of prisoner to prison warden, how good that feels.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that present awareness based on mathematical reasoning without profit and self-interest motive is the only way to find outcomes that will change the world effectively to be a place where peace and happiness rules and where children can be born into a life of fulfilment.”

Bernard is the living example, the first for me, of a person that present awareness based on mathematical reasoning without profit and self-interest. He had to have raised some money to start Desteni, the group, and produce all the material to gather like-minded people. We’re really friendly.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that individuality focused on common goals of deductive reasoning do in fact form a group, that should act as a group, or the division of individuality will make the principles of the individual useless – as divided, Atheism will fall and fanatics will be born.”

So throw out the ‘individual is god/powerful’ thinking, individuality focused on common goals of deductive reasoning is the more functional model.

That Desteni has not fallen in the face of internet trolls and skeptics surrounding each person that participates at Desteni (I imagine), is no coincidence. It’s a cool playground to write to practice giving as one would like to receive, such as breaking through a point and sharing the solution.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that understanding how the mind interacts with the living flesh and has been used to program human response through desire and fear implants is critical to stop and prevent all such methods and to allow deductive reasoning to become the foundation of a sane society.”

The methods used to program us – entertainment and money? Entertainment really takes every stop to find your desire and make it grow in your mind, fear implants, family and money. But now that you know, you are as I am responsible to stop all family and money influences, the ones that are products of memories and don’t have to exist, that impede the functioning of a person to do what is best.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists to remain as just another label, using labelling instead of deductive reasoning, will put the integrity of Atheists and Atheism in question and would give rise to the question: whether Atheists are in fact equally controlled by the possibility of victimization as are Christians are controlled by the possible victimization of an angry God.”

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that unless the breakingfree from religious programming was based on deductive reasoning without emotion, the newly realized Atheist won’t be stable, as their formative experience was just a knee-jerk reaction based on emotional instability which will create just another jerk that should not publicly represent Atheism until their foundational reasoning has been clarified as trustworthy and stable.”

Sowing emotion begets emotion. Sow seeds of deductive reasoning without emotion to reap deductive reasoning without emotion. Practice deductive reasoning with an effective letting go that can be offered in the activity of writing, with the objective of being honest with oneself. That way it’s really easy to know when you’re running around in circles with yourself.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that I and Desteni have been labelled by fanatics as a cult, quite similarly to Atheism in its infancy, and thus to label what we represent as principles based on deductive reasoning is using religious rhetoric demeaning Atheism as we all stand on the same foundation of deductive reasoning that produce an outcome of common good.”

So what Bernard is implying is that the name doesn’t matter. The proof is in the pudding, in the foundation of your mind. Emotion or deductive reasoning without emotion? So what makes one part of a group is not a name, but the foundation from which we grow and sow the seeds that is our words, in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists that I have been accused of brainwashing people that would be quite an unreasonable claim as I use words at arm’s length to stimulate common sense reasoning. Fanatics use fear to demonize the message of common sense through gossip and outright lies, feeding on the emotionally unstable that is found normally only in faiths worshiping invisible cloud-people. Brainwashing belongs to the categories of: parenting, religion, education, advertising, sales, consumerism, television and Hollywood – where common sense reasoning is replaced with illusionary pipe-dreams and desires. Spreading fear through unreasonable disinformation is the realm of division and control that has given fanatics the power to determine the destiny of the world.”

Bernard is accurate, if you’ve read his stuff up until now: really at arm’s length. I feel like I’m borrowing common sense capital from Bernard’s words to grow my own common, common sense reasoning.

This statement is a highlight for me, as it points out what the brainwashing is in practice and what “spreading fear through unreasonable disinformation” is.

“I commit myself to remind Atheists to commit themselves to a world based in common sense reasoning so that we can restore order in the world and take our home back from haters and fanatics.”

Commit myeslf to a world based in common sense reasoning. So not commit myself to myself, my ego, my image, my name, but to give myself to the world so that I may receive my freedom in the world by giving it to everyone else, through giving everyone common sense reasoning by committing myself to a world based in common sense reasoning.

“With this contribution I hope to elevate Atheism as a proud home for men and women of common sense reason that will as a group contribute to the establishment of a stable, fair society that will co-exist in peace and harmony.”


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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