Day 320: Blow My Mind Please

“Next blog will continue to blow the MIND – please subscribe and follow this blog.”

“I commit myself to train and educate humanity in the correct use of the MIND to result in a world that is best for all Life always and in all ways.”

Educate yourself on the correct use of the mind with the Desteni I Process course.

“I commit myself to demonstrate how Life and the mind must co-exist as One and Equal, that all is Life.”

By demonstrating how Life as myself and the mind as myself must co-exist to respect life, as the only sustainable way of existence that is the best FOR ALL LIFE, the same solution as principle must be lived by all human beings as the principle that is best for all life.

“I commit myself to support every part of existence to individual self-realized, self-awareness within the directive principle that is best for all Life, to end the abuse of power and the creation of fear for control in every way.”

When I act in ways that are best for all life, there is no fear. When my neighbour acts in ways that are best for all life, there is life – no fear. Power becomes redundant in a world that is best for all life because life becomes the one value that is real value, the solution.

“I commit myself to establish all systems as support for all life in ways that result in the effect of life magnificent equal.”

The start of establishing systems as support for all life begins, in my opinion, with Desteni, the blogs we are walking together, the hangouts, the videos, EQAFE, the Facebook groups.

“I commit myself to show that choice is only valid when there will be no harm in any way and that choice that cause harm is the result of fear ALWAYS.”

Choice that cause harm is like purposely implanting a virus in a crop, if we are running a farm of actions and consequence. Choice that cause harm is a definition of self interest, greed.

“I commit myself to assist each one willing to become equal as the box of the mind to be able to create self as life here without getting lost in the dimensions of energy that is the Trap of the Mind-Protection Design.”

I can only describe the feeling of security I was in when I was not secure at all during my childhood, in terms of building a future for myself, as a funk. Energy “that is the Trap of the Mind-Protection Design” is like feeling good in mysterious ways, without knowing the reason or cause of feeling good: society is a potent drug, not because society is wired that way, but because we accept and allow ourselves to have mysterious feel good feelings with people and accept that to be normal. Instead of balancing cause and effect and only accepting feel good feelings with a known cause.

“I commit myself to assist all parts of existence abused by human self righteousness and greed to forgive as they come to their own in self realization and self awareness.”

“I commit myself to in every way necessary explain why Consciousness is the Trap that show when a Personality is Completely lost in the mind as the Noise of a Tin that Rattles, but it only has value for itself in total confined separation.”

In a society that worships the personality, it’s quite helpful to consider that the real ‘personality’ is my human body, because everything i do which will be of real value will always involve my human body. The value of satisfying a personality becomes empty and meaningless when armageddon comes as a personal armegeddon, when once and for all the value I have placed in my mind is revealed not to be reality.

“I commit myself to show in every way necessary why mind power has never benefited life in any way, but only served self interest and separation from Life.”

Satisfying the mind as a form of mind power has never benefitted life in any way.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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