Day 331: I FOR GIVE ME

“I commit myself to practice FOR GIVING till I am able to truly forgive myself that I
may find it in my being as the will of good for all life equally.”

Bernard is implying that there is good in all of us if we would forgive ourselves, that
we all have the will to do good for all life equally.

“I commit myself to study FOR GIVING based on measurable results that will result in the
GIVING equally to ALL to ensure that ALL will receive equally, and that will be the
evidence that I walk in the shoes of Jesus and DO what Jesus would have done.”

To study forgiving based on measurable results means to for example, taking a habit or
moment of your life, study the trigger points and the reasons for emotions/feelings
around it, and forgive yourself for those reasons until you can find within yourself the
will to change or simply stop, and when faced with a similar moment change.

“I commit myself to NOT allow feelings of love to fill me up unless it is the result of
love made visible as the GIVING of all measures to all Life – that all may receive
sufficiently, that ALL may LOVE their Lives – as that would be the confirmation that my
love is real and not just wishful thinking and justified self-interest based on the
belief that all is not equal.”

Give in all measures to all life before loving for the reasons stated above. I see love
as it is being promoted now as something very dangerous, as it is a mental force that
can mislead me to the conclusion that all life is well when it is not. To give in all
measures starts with a Living Income Guaranteed you know, because money has been given
the value of everything in all measures.

“I commit myself to make sure that only real compassion is acceptable on Earth as the
Equal Giving and Receiving of Life for all, as that would result in me receiving
compassion equally, confirming that Earth is a planet of Living compassion.”

Bernard is essentially channelling the ‘good will’ feelings and thoughts and that drive
to compassion to make sure your compassion bears results. Results as in the outcome
that Life is equally given and received for all.

“I commit myself to ensure that FREEDOM on Earth is defined only as the Giving and
Receiving of the right to Life equally, as that will end all distrust and fear, and will
ensure that I will be FREE in every way possible, and will live in ways that respect the
foundation of Life given, and thus received equally everywhere always.”

So freedom is not a flag, or a person up in arms screaming victory, or any other image
but “the Giving and Receiving of the right to Life equally”. Bernard is of the opinion
that if we gave life to receive life equally, all will be free and therefore you will be
free, in every way possible! The key to freedom then is to start to give life equally
with a LIG, and by my estimation, many good things will come from this and the whole
psychology will change. Bernard’s answering, this is what is right if everything’s

“I commit myself to ensure that kindness of Earth is accepted and defined as the
realization that when we do not give to each other equally, we cannot receive equally,
and such inequality will cause kindness to be lost and Earth to be a cruel place where
Life is fear and certainly NOT an experience one would wish upon yourself or your

Kindness in the context of the above realization is valid as in my case, I thought long
and hard about this long before I left school. A systematized equal form of giving of
kindness as a LIG would have saved me the trouble of thinking and ending up being afraid
of giving to each other.

“I commit myself to share the understanding of the simplicity of a Life without fear,
based on the measurable principles that giving to all equally will result in all
receiving equally, and that it is just the individual in fear that stands in the way of
such magnificence as Life that is preventing this from becoming reality on Earth as Life

The key to the simplicity “of a life without fear” is equal giving and receiving of Life
in all ways to all people first. Eventually all people will find within themselves the
kindness to stop harming life in all forms so equality is not a far fetched thing, it’s
as close as a LIG to end the fear of survival, to activate an entire population to work,
and to stop the Mind’s control over money. Basically it’s giving money the value of
life, in addition to the values we’ve already given it.

Only the individual in fear stands in the way of LIG from becoming a reality, in the way
of the practical form of giving and receiving of Life equally to all.

“I commit myself to ensure that the right to Life is recognized as the only right worthy
of Life as confirmed from Giving as each would like to Receive – such action of Giving
will result in a world where Life is respected and honoured.”

What relevance would crime have in the minds of many in a world where Life is respected
and honoured? It’s possible if we were giving and receiving Life equally, starts with a
LIG where money is re-distributed.

“I commit myself to daily call on ALL that may read or hear my words as Living Words to
stop and FOR GIVE themselves, and to join the Journey to Life as we WRITE and Right Life
for all through Giving to ourselves the Right to Life for all through Self-Forgiveness,
till we as One Group of Life change the laws and rules on Earth to support life equally
for all. In this I call on all to follow the writings of those that are already
representing the process to Life that one may face the fears that prevented Life from
being respected on Earth. Stand up and be counted.”

The cure to an individual in fear is self forgiveness, hence the importance and the
support of walking self forgiveness together in the Journey to Life blogs. Taking self
responsibility for being one of such individuals in fear, call on others to do the same.

This is “the process to Life” that Bernard suggests is the way forward to a world
without fear. Living Income Guaranteed will only be accepted once the individual’s
fears are all addressed to stop dividing the individual’s attention, as that is limited.

“I commit myself to restore to myself and everyone else the right to create the
experience of Life on Earth to be worthy of Life as we all actually know what we would
like to grant ourselves and our children. In this way: we each, through writing a daily
blog, confirm to ourselves and the readers of the blogs our decision that we will create
a world that is best for all Life and invite all that may open their Heart to Life, to
stand and writewith us till the right to Life is restored to each one equally, and peace
on Earth is restored forevermore.”

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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