Day 333: The Invisible Invincible Mind

“I commit myself to make the invisible as me that I keep secret in many ways, visible, to remove the irrationality of the invincibility of the mind I learned from fairy tales, comic books and television.”

I suppose that’s what blogging is for to hold yourself accountable for invisible sentences that you give value to and making sure that you change. To make the invisible visible also means writing in private, having the invisible mind chatter be written in front of you as sentences, and then forgiving yourself for each point that you see is not best for you.

“I commit myself to show that the MIND is not a real creator, but only a program that through fuzzy logic do what it is programmed to do, create systems for it to be able to survive no matter what.”

Be careful of what programs you allowed to be installed into you from a young age, I would double check with writing to see if what I’ve written is best for me in fact. That’s what I did.

“I commit myself to show that all thoughts, visualizations, desires, dreams and self-talk is in fact the programming of the false self that was created as the Graven Image that stand in front of Life, pretending to be Life, and in this destroys Life on Earth in every way, unable to stop unless an extensive process ofdedication to Life is walked through self-forgiveness for at least 7-14 years, the same amount of time it took a child to become completely possessed and controlled by the Graven Image.”

Bernard is making the connection that because of the mind and what each accept and allow in its invisibility, it destroys Life on Earth in every way. He also notes that to rid yourself of the Graven Image, an extensive process of dedication to Life is required to be walked through self forgiveness for at least 7-14 years.

“I commit myself to show that the Graven Image as self will, in backchat, self-talk – present itself to you as the fake self, as a super hero that can do anything, when in fact this is only possible in the energy dimension of the mind, which is an illusory created reality that is not understood by man at the moment.”

So in this is also a warning to not listen to the backchat or self-talk because of the reasons above. And to maybe deconstruct the personality of superhero with self forgiveness until one can let go of the voice in the head telling you what to do.

“I commit myself to show that anyone claiming to be transcended, and claiming that they know the real self, but is still using the mind, and energy and feelings are in fact completely lost in self-interest – and that nothing they use as justification or experience in the mind is in fact real in any way.”

To show others their fakeness when they are fake is an act of compassion, as you would have wanted to be shown this instead of walking a detour. It also tests your standing in what is real to be able to point what is fake because you must be clear in yourself to do so, and it tests your courage and understanding. Both your understanding of what’s real and your understanding of compassion for those in a mind coma of self interest.

“I commit myself to show that the game theory taught to the child through fairy tales, comic books, television, religion, education, family values, consumerism, and all systems that now exist in the world, in fact only shape the Graven Image of self-interest that ends with death as it is not in fact real.”

He’s saying, everything you have trusted cannot be trusted because it only shapes self interest that ends with death as it is not in fact real. Careful not to play the game as if life is a game to win, because the consequence is you choose not to be real, not to be Life.

“I commit myself to show that the invisible mind as persona can be seen when the flesh is used as cross-reference to show how the Graven Image as self feeds on the flesh to get energy for its existence.”

This is done through muscle testing that is taught in the Desteni I Process Pro course, in kinesiology I suppose, too. One of the main facts that Bernard always stated is that the mind feeds off the flesh by ‘burning it into energy for the mind’. I don’t know if this is true, but the mind is not a benevolent creation anyway, might as well remove it piece by piece. Get to a creation and creator as myself that is a benevolent human being.

“I commit myself to show that all knowledge the Graven Image as self uses is in fact useless and not supporting life or Love in any way.”

I concur. You as your personality, no matter how much knowledge/information is used to justify it, is in fact useless…

“I commit myself to present a way that the real self as flesh may become visible again, so that the power given to invisibility as persona and God can come to an end, that Life as the Physical will be studied to understand what is really real.”

The way is through the 7 Year Journey to Life blogging, writing and self forgiveness, LIG.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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