Day 337: The Secret of Breath

“I commit myself to reveal the secret of breath as the secret of Life on Earth, as the secret of who I am as Life or not Life in every breath, till all grasp this secret and take action to stop all abuse breath by breath.”

After Bernard’s exposition on breath, it’s apparent that doing thigns breath by breath is important. Please read the previous post or read the blog above for details.

“I commit myself to show how breath by breath is the equality equation that determines who I create myself to be – and that if I have created an abomination, I can stop and forgive myself and recreate myself to Life as Love, as I have breath left to accumulate, but when I reach my last breath, my time as opportunity is done, and my accumulation of who I have been as breath will determine what I will face as consequence – (see Life Review – free downloads)”

So what is implied is that breath is neither positive nor negative – it is the window to our soul, so to speak, who I really am, and we may always give ourselves another chance through forgiving ourselves. The Life Reviews on EQAFE illustrate breath quite clearly.

“I commit myself to show how love, energy, positive thinking and all states of mind possession contribute accumulatively in the creation of a world in peril.”

Either show through example of a mind possessed being, or through the example of removing each mind possession one by one, sentence by sentence, breath by breath.

“I commit myself to remind those that stand up for Life that the small actions of supporting each other and those that rise from the ashes of their Lives, will determine who you are as Life. The small measures determine the big outcomes.”

Self explanatory. So give your support where possible to the 7 year Journey To Life facebook group, EQAFE, Living Income Guaranteed facebook group. We show that we can be trusted.

“I commit myself to call on all to take a stand against abuse in the small ways possible, breath by breath, by reporting it so that the systems already in place can purify, and the abusers can learn that they will not get way with abuse.”

Stand in the way of abuse through the small ways possible, by reporting it so that the systems already in place can purify.

“I commit myself to show that one man, one vote is a democratic system, as the key to change the world to a place where Life once more will be valued.”

You may change your vote by forgiving yourself for the ill patterns and habits you’ve participated in, until you have the strength and rationality to support a LIG. Liking the LIG facebook page, reading all about what a LIG is on the Economist’s Journey To Life blog, reading the LIG proposal.

“I commit myself to develop assistance for every parent to be able to assist a new born child, breath by breath, with a sustainable example. Obviously parents will support their children best with daily written self-forgiveness at this stage in the 7 year process, and with reading aloud some of the blogs written by others walking the Journey to Life”

This a pair is developing this, their names are Gian Robberts and Leila Zamora Moreno. De-stressing a day with written self forgiveness is surprisingly an effective way to deal with a day’s worth of stress, and the small day’s worth adds up to self forgiveness being able to de-stress a lifetime of stress. I’m one vote for self forgiveness being more effective than traditional ways of destressing like shopping, meditating.

“I commit myself to demonstrate that Earth is the eye of the needle, where the I as need[le] will determine who each one is in fact – slowly, breath by breath accumulating with the inevitable certainty the answer as ‘who I am’: whether it is Life or it is mind.”

We demonstrate this every day, with Earth being the drama for our life to be measured as Bernard said before. And we demonstrate breath by breath, all adding up to who I am, whether it is Life or it is mind is self evident.

“I commit myself to show that money can only support Life as Equal Money, where money is valued as Life, equally for all Life.”

Money will begin to show support for life through a LIG, but LIG will show what is possibe in this life and open the door to Equal Money, where money is valued as Life, equally for all Life.

“I commit myself to emphasize the importance of slow-movements, breath by breath, in establishing in every breath the foundation on Earth, that only values Life as the only real value that can be valued.”

The importance of slow movements is evident as I am writing this blog: the slower I move, the faster I decide to get this done. When I practice an instrument, the slower I move the faster I read the score to get it done. With self forgiveness is the same; the slower and therefore more thorough I self forgive, the faster I may stop living in fear. Positivity is also, in the end, fear and energy, if you care to really look.

“I commit myself to show that time as money does not value Life, and is only a tool in the hands of abusive greediness, and only has control over brainwashed fearfulness, where Life is not valued at all.”

Personally, time as money has become a tool to practivism, to invest my time in projects that may yield a world that is best for all, looking for potential in the small projects/actions for big outcomes. I’ve identified EQAFE, LIG, Self and Living, and 7 Year Journey to Life facebook groups as projects worth investing a like in.

Bernard is stating that the elite as abusive greediness only has control over brainwashed fearfulness, dispelling the notion that greediness is almighty and ominpotent.

“I commit myself to show that if specificity in every breath is not walked as best for all life, the result will cause the consequence of harm that will always return to the one that placed self-interest first till each one in every breath live what is best for all life and in this living establish life as equal for all on earth.”

I may show through carefulness and carelessness. Either way, if one forgive myself for the mistake and keep pushing forward the consequence of harm is minimized. Bernard seems to imply that, as it should, those that commit harm will receive harm until they live what is best for all life.

“I commit myself to remind each one that we are all guests on Earth and we have abused the hospitality of Earth and created an Asylum and Hospital out of Earth searching for Feelings of energy in Self-interest. Earth will no longer tolerate the abuse and we as Humanity will now face our final [h]our within which each one must decide who The I will be, Life or Self Interest. There is no one that can deny that deep inside this hour has always been expected.”

Bernard plays with words, “Humanity will now face our final our”.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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