Day 341: Peace of Mind – Mind in Pieces

“I commit myself to show that opinion is always the result of a mind in pieces, where oneness does not in fact exist, and which will result in a world that will never be at peace.”

Opinion is the result of a mind divided between personality and reality, where the former expects and the latter suggest. We live in only one reality, that does not change a lot over the course of one life, there are facts we can rely on.

“I commit myself to show that the creative power on Earth is in thought, word and deed – and if that is not aligned: the what is best for all Life as one Life on One Planet, the word will fall to pieces.”

I saw my thoughts, words, and deeds did not align with the good image I wanted to project myself to be, so self forgiveness was a way to align these in a real, easy way:instead of forcing the screw in, following the threads that is my creation as my mind and installing a screw as program as thought, word, and deed that I can live with, that provide evidence for my good image.

“I commit myself to show that structural resonance alignment is the practical way, with support, where the mind is deconstructed piece by piece to be understood, so as to eventually be put back together again, piece by piece – to what is best for all Life – and that any resistance or postponement to consistently participate, indicates a lack of compassion and disciplined dedication to Life that will have consequences for all.”

The structural resonance alignment that is mentioned is provided in the Desteni I Process courses. I have a guess that deep, complete self introspection with the tool of self forgiveness also serves the purpose, but the courses optimize the results of each word written.

“I commit myself to show that the world as a prison is a result of the imprisoned self as Life, in pieces in the mind, without a peace that reflects in every daily action in the world.”

The world is a prison because of the state of your mind, if you changed yourself and directed you through the world that stops. The world is a prison because of the mind as a piece of technology not understood yet, that Bernard stopped over the course of many years – 20, 25 years. The animal reviews on EQAFE are examples of what escapes the human mind, how much of physical reality we do not see yet animals do.

“I commit myself to show that desire without measurable appropriate action, resulting in what is best for all Life, is like farting in the mind.”

So put desire in its place by only allowing desires with the measurable appropriate action, resulting in what is best for all Life.

“I commit myself to show that the smallest measure on Earth, which is one breath at a time, is all that any human can direct and manage – and that it is in these small measures that the world has been created to the state it is in now, and that it will be with these small measures that we will have to change the world one by one – till the oneness and equality of Life is in fact here, and only then will the prison of fear be at an end, and all Life will be free.”

Bernard putting back the power in ‘one breath at a time’, showing the common sense that we created the world as it is through our collectively ‘one breath at a time’-ing, we will have to change the world, one breath at a time. Starting with our own word, we must change them to what is best for all Life. The prison that is this world is in one way, fear: fear for one’s life as one is born in a system of debt, having to pay others for one’s life and earn one’s life through work which in the vast majority of cases is not possible. So a Living Income Guaranteed would exterminate that prison of fear.

“I commit myself to show that that which was put together breath by breath in self-interest, must be deconstructed breath by breath within awareness and responsible self-honesty – before it can be put together again breath by breath with Life-Awareness – before peace on Earth will be possible, and that this is the practical real way of rebirthing oneself to Life and actual real awareness.”

I read this and I am reminded of the process I am walking; I had to deconstruct my mind breath by breath, blog by blog, before I had any ‘space’ to even imagine what would be best for all life. Here Bernard probably means this world of self interest; we must deconstruct it breath by breath before it can be put together again breath by breath.

“I commit myself to show why the process to Peace on Earth will only be possible as a practical solution and a Labour of Love and dedication through daily breath by breath application that will take a minimum of 14 years per individual human – and as example, there is already evidence of the change of those that have been walking this practical process for years. To deny this evidence is to deny yourself Life and is to allow that which is illusion to consume you till what you have squandered as the gift of Life is returned to its origin as dust.”

I’m one example. Read my blogs, watch my vlogs to witness the change. There are many at the 7 Year Journey to Life facebook group that are examples too.

“I commit myself to develop a new breed of Leader, with awareness as Life as Equals, so that the future of the world will be Life one day.”

Fascinating that Bernard would bring this up in this blog. A new breed of leader will be required to change the future of the world to be Life one day; I imagine one that emphasizes equality as equal understanding, agreement to walk forward.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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