Day 343: Dear Godly Sex!

“I commit myself to restore the Physical Creation Process as sex and reproduction to its rightful place as the real Creative Force on Earth.”

“I commit myself to show how genetics used to produce what is best for Life will produce children that are more likely to be healthy and psychologically sound.”

“I commit myself to show that sex is in fact the act on Earth that should be based on communication, intimacy, respect, self-honesty and clear deductive reasoning to bring together that which is best for Life.”

Rather than sex being an act of impulse, redefining sex to be all of the things above means quitting porn, means looking at females/males differently, and means rationalizing the whole process towards sex, having each step toward sex a rational, communicative intimate approach.

“I commit myself to show that removing sex from the mind as religion, and consumerism, and brainwashing will produce a human race that will in time be freed from the irrationality of consciousness.”

One may show this by living as an example of how one remove sex from the MIND, make it an act of the body, to become rational once again.

“I commit myself to show that physical reproduction is the real miracle on Earth that should be respected.”

Respected through not attaching any thoughts, emotions, or feelings towards sex and physical reproduction. Basing sex and therefore relationships on intimate communication, self honesty, rationality.

“I commit myself to show how little the human mind really understand and how much more the physical form already knows about itself as it exists WITHOUT the need of a human race.”

This Bernard showed every time he placed words on the net. The only way I’m sure to show that is to see what happens when I stop every thought, emotion, and feeling of my mind to opt for reality-based decision making. And walking the Desteni I Process Pro course, as it is designed in part by Sunette, who has an idea of the capability of the physical vs the mind.

“I commit myself to show that that which gives life, and creates Life, is in fact GOD on Earth.”

Breath is God by that definition. Sex is God. Don’t use God’s name in vain and in vanity.

“I commit myself to establish a level of Living Principle that will no longer allow the abuse of Life through fuelling irrational desires through projecting images of pornography into the mind.”

This is important to grasp. One thing I know for sure having participated in porn is that the addictive nature will inevitably leak into other parts of my life and “create” a me that is consumed by addiction eventually. To stop porn means stopping one potent addiction, which may lead to chain reactions of realizing that I can stop other small addictions.

“I commit myself to sex-education that values Life.”

Speak about it, share what is shared in this blog about it, blog about it.

“I commit myself to research to establish how genetic pairing can produce children with the best opportunity of an excellent Life-Experience.”

“I commit myself to the design and production of humans that are psychologically sound.”

The only way to a psychologically sound mind is to stop thoughts, emotions, and feelings that obstruct needs and toxicate needs into wants. Self forgiveness is the key to understanding yourself in a way to really more easily stop each variety of thought, emotion, and feeling, that represents a pattern or habit or behaviour.

“I commit myself to restore respect for the intelligence of the physical world.”

By restoring my respect for the intelligence of my physical body and its guidance as to what is best for all Life.

“I commit myself to establish sex as the foundation of Life on Earth as Sacred Respect.”

“I commit myself to show that those who benefit from the abuse of sex, through desire implants and sexual innuendos of the evil of sex, are the real evil on Earth. ”

Really evil, really the reverse of live-ing, as I have experienced. Desiring sex because some society told you that it’s normal to do so, to crave beautiful women, to crave masculine men, in which sexual innuendos are programmed into my flesh through acceptance and allowance, such as how the hair on a female should look to grasp my attention, but one example. Can you imagine how much more functional you become by honouring sex as the foundation of Life on Earth as Sacred Respect?


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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