Day 345: Equal Money will Save the World

“I commit myself to bring awareness that only a Total New System considering all Life Equally will solve the problems of the world.”

Seeing the economic system is the key to changing the world experience for everyone, a total new system means a total new economic system.

“I commit myself to show that acceptance of wealth and success with property rights, is in fact accepting responsibility for the suffering, and starvation and early death of the poor, and is as such an admission of guilt.”

But one must use wealth and success with property rights as a tool to change the system from within. Directing one’s mind and money with measurable public actions means taking responsibility for the suffering. In this an example is the Equal Life Foundation.

It’s an admission of guilt to accept wealth and success with property rights because to not only perpetuate but accept the cause of suffering, I am giving up on what I see is the truth – that is, my own emotional attachment to wealth and property rights is making people suffer – and accepting less, so with the truth blaring because reality is here, and my acceptance of self compromise, I’m bound to feel guilty for accepting less – especially when I can stop but I don’t want to.

“I commit myself to the Institution of Democracy as Government by the People, through the People, in fact – with NO authority abdicated to parliament or single Leaders, as that always leads to abuse.”

Before each human life is valued as it should be, give human life back its value with a Living Income Guaranteed. Then the government by the people will eventually take place as everyone becomes empowered to live.

“I commit myself to a Total New Value System that only has one value as resources – Life.”

To bring a Total New System will require committing to a Total New Value System. To change my world, I must change myself first, and obviously if each do this then the world would change mighty quickly.

“I commit myself to the recognition of the crimes of wealth and ownership as the admission of pre-meditated murder and abuse to do grievous bodily and mental harm, so that morality and integrity may be restored to be values of Life and not profit.”

I only guess that if this were recognized by the populace, wealth and ownership would not be tolerated and so a new system that considers all life that allows Everyone to live will be in the market, and an Equal Money System would be exactly that. But step by step first, a LIG first – can you imagine science becoming free from profit because of a LIG, then scientists can live with LIG and do real science to benefit all life and not just the profit of corporations.

“I commit myself to the practical living and creation of a world based on the fundamental message of Jesus: to give as you would like to receive, to investigate all things and keep what is good and best, as the fundamental principle of Equality.”

To give as you would like to receive is a really useful fucking thing and silences the calculating mind that calculates self interest. To investigate all things and keep what is good and best from one perspective, means to listen intently and always from a motivation of finding solutions that are best for all life.

That’s what it takes to investigate (by listening), and keep what is good (by implementing solutions, i.e. directing your actions).

“I commit myself to show, through common sense deduction, wherever abuse exists.”

This is made possible once one’s personal issues are out of the way and guess how you can step aside from you, so you may think rationally/common sense deduct(ion)?

“I commit myself to self-honest, self-forgiveness – as the process to Equality that all walk to become self-aware and self-responsible.”

Self-forgiveness unlocked my ability to write and express myself rationally and logically, as well as know myself better and better which has the consequence of being more stable, decisive, caring, and motivated, to name but a few benefits.

“I commit myself to the end of the Tyranny of wealth and ownership.”

Wealth and ownership is, in a way, but a thought in the minds of many, that is portrayed in our world to be acceptable in every way, in spite of the common sense that was shared in the self forgiveness post that is the previous blog to this one.

“I commit myself to never be subject to the motivation of outsides forces, but to always move as Life, as me, here – breath by breath.”

I went through a transition period of motivation. I accepted and allowed myself to be so preoccupied with my academic career that when I failed, not only was it a shock emotionally, having to live in a reality contrary to my ideal life path where university was not in the picture roused me awake; I made myself only motivated by grades, which I connected to money, so motivated by money, and failing my own motivation I was challenged by reality about what I neglected, that I would have gone through the hoops anyway as a matter of living, moving as Life. This ultimately took 3 years.

“I commit myself to end all evil in the world through the removal of all Inequality.”

Desteni, to my experience, is at the forefront in educating people about their mind, and answers the questions of why some are more street smart than others, why some are faster and some slower, why some are more observant and some less. The answer is “because you made yourself that way”, but that doesn’t mean anything until you understand why and how you made yourself the way you are. That is appropriately accomplished through the tool of writing and self forgiveness.

“I strive in every moment for Life Lived in Excellence, by all Equally – from Birth to Death – in Magnificence; never again to be limited by limited ideas of Self-Interest.”

Self interest is Limiting, greed is Limiting. Sniff out and drive out your greedy self with self forgiveness for the enlightened self interest, what is best for all life: I don’t only want the best for myself, but for everyone too, I’m greedy that way.

“I commit myself to restore Life to be the only acceptable nature of man on Earth.”


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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