Day 354: Thoughts Create Life!

“I commit myself to call on ALL Living Bodies to realize the disease of thought and to Live themselves within Living Words as Life with Self-Forgiveness in Self-Honesty.”

Read the previous post for context or read the blog linked to above. As a self proclaimed deep thinker, thinking tends to lead to more problems and opinions rather than directly seeing the facts and acting on them.

“I commit myself to support those Living Bodies that with Self-Honesty take on the disease of thought till they are cured and are Life Eternal.”

With respect to the written evidence, those blogging in the 7 Year Journey to Life are taking on thought and you will bear witness to the detours that thought creates, either in self forgiveness or in writing.

“I commit myself to present solutions that will support Life and expose thought for the disease it is.”

The solution is not a stroke of genius or inspiration from the individual; it has been worked out to be a Living Income Guaranteed. My ealier blogs depict what thought is with the structure that self forgiveness gives: disease, illusion, opinion, anything except what is practical.

“I commit myself to show how money has become a tool of thought vested in deception, dishonesty, greed and is a weapon with which to kill Life.”

A good example is Bernard’s blog, Is Charity Greed?

“I commit myself to show that thought is a weapon of war which manifests as competition, comparison, fear, hate, love and all versions of energy for the sole purpose of the self-interest of thoughts and SURVIVAL no matter what the result for Real Life.”

In my opinion, real survival requires giving as one would like to receive, so giving money as I would like to receive money, which would eradicate the fear of survival that virtually all people are enamored with. Living Income Guaranteed would at least stop our fear for our children not making a living for themselves.

“I commit myself to show that the soul is a vehicle created by thought that always remains subject to energy as thoughts are a body of energy which feeds like a parasite on Living Matter till ALL matter is consumed.”

The concept of a soul requires that one think constantly about having one, along with the feeling/emotion/energy that one has a soul. And for this soul, one would ignore Living Matter so completely for one’s interests that it looks like we, in our desperate search for the soul, feed like a parasite on Living Matter.

“I commit myself to knock on the door of those trapped in the deception of thought till they WAKE UP and redeem themselves.”

“I commit myself to remind ALL THINKERS that thought DO NOT continue after death and UNLESS the ABUSE through THOUGHT as false GOD is stopped, the THINKER WILL END.”

The theory is that thought is reliant on a system called a mind consciousness system that requires a physical body. Obviously when we die we leave our physical body here on Earth, so therefore very little of the thinker will exist after death.

“I commit myself to remind each thinker that you are aware that this message is true, and that you cannot trust thought, and therefore there will be NO excuse and NO forgiveness for those that continue ABUSE.”

You cannot trust thought. Thoughts are where secrets may lie, yet if your thoughts are what is best for all life you would not require a space called thought or thinking in the first place.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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