Day 356: Spiritual Poverty of Love and Light

“I commit myself to question the integrity of those with money that protect themselves
against poverty till they realize they create poverty in the first place and what they
fear is their OWN DEMON.”

We create poverty by accepting internally the idea that the system cannot change or be
changed, that we are not creating it every single day through our participation. What
we fear is our OWN DEMON because we’ve essentially separated ourselves from the reality
– that we create the system individually together as a group collectively – into a
survival mental bubble where it’s roughly me against poverty and I need money to escape
this fate of poverty. That’s why a Living Income Guaranteed would open so many doors of
opportunity in every sense.

“I commit myself to show how money determines choice and the right to Life.”

We know that money determines choice and the right to Life.

“I commit myself to show that having money in the world is EVIL in fact.”

Having money is evil in fact because we basically take money from unknown sources.

“I commit myself to show that capital is just a way used to exclude the many for the
benefit of the few, to make enormous profits and live in gluttony.”

Having a store of money as capital is just a way used to exclude the many for the
benefir of the few. To invest capital into projects to re-distribute wealth such as a
Living Income Guaranteed is the financial and political action we may take to educate
everyone as to our choice in fact and that we make this choice every single day.

“I commit myself to show that religion is without integrity and is only a tool used by
those with money to justify why they may have a good life while so many have NO access
to Life Support. Religion has made God EVIL.”

Religion is without integrity because with the funds they accrued they failed to
understand the world problem and the simple world solution which is a Living Income
Guaranteed. The world problem is the money system.

“I commit myself to penetrate the fences behind which the wealthy hide their greed till
they wake up and take responsibility for what is being created Here on Earth.”

I’m not sure how to penetrate the fences except to continue to blog and put my thoughts
in writing.

“I commit myself to show how dishonest those are that claimed they worked for their
money and the poor must find a job, when there are NO jobs available, confirming that
hard work is only the excuse of those without integrity.”

We work hard in the context of a world system that does not include everybody
unconditionally, that would translate into enough jobs being in the market as a public
service to humanity with a wage enough to live. It’s akin to having a wound treated
with the majority of the wound still bleeding, and justifying this situation with “I
worked hard to keep the little bit of the wound healing, MY PART of the wound”. Failing
to understand that if EVERYONE’s wound were healed/given money, you would be guaranteed
to receive money/heal your part of the wound.

“I commit myself to show that those great, good-hearted souls that seek to make things
cheaper so that more can afford it, are in fact attempting to capture the market out of
greed and in this way reduce jobs, creating more poor people.”

Stating the obvious. The benevolent deed of making things cheaper is just to capture
the market out of greed. The real crime is that us, the people, do not understand that
it creates more poor people and therefore increases the chance of us being poor. Why
not eliminate all chance and guarantee a living income to all, then you won’t have to
fear being poor or leave such turbulent experiences to chance.

“I commit myself to free the human from the slavery of religion.”

Religion includes consumerism, the Century of the Self, Self, I, individual, superstar,
money, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and more.

“I commit myself to show that poverty is MURDER.”

“I commit myself to call on those with money to open their hearts for Life.”

To vote for a Living Income Guaranteed and to support it through financial action. The
same way that you would financially act to retrieve hockey equipment to play hockey, you
would financially act to create an awareness of our choice through an organisation to
play politics to take political action.

“I commit myself to call on parents to not teach their children the sins of the fathers
of which the acceptance of poverty is a SIN.”

“I commit myself to call on the loving and good to investigate all things and explain to
themselves how they are able to accept the evil of poverty while claiming they are good.
They are reducing Love to Evil.”

With the recent blogs by Bernard (around day 30 – 41, see his blog’s timeline) it’s a
useful exercise to explain to yourself why you would accept poverty to exist through
your actions and state of mind.

“I commit myself to insist that all world organizations that are here to help the poor
should be managed by poor people, as they understand the problem better.”

“I commit myself to call on all entertainers to strike till poverty is solved.”

“I commit myself to call on all soldiers to realize that war is murder, as no form of
killing is ever justified.”

Why kill when everything may be solved through communication and words?

“I commit myself to call on all spiritual people to investigate what SPIRIT THEY allow
inside them that allows poverty to exist in the world.”

“I commit myself to show that only Life is real ownership and worth anything.”

“I commit myself to show that those that allow and accept poverty on Earth, are poor in
spirit, which NO amount of Love and Light can ever reclaim.”

“I commit myself to show that Love and Light is the Greatest Evil every visited upon the
Earth and Life.”


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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