“I commit myself to show that Breathing Here without using the MIND, being physical – will show how fear is a MIND JOB based on a physical addiction to the body response to the fear.”

So are you saying that if I breathe through the fear and get physical whenever fear exists – I will realize that fear is a MIND JOB based on a physical addiction to the body response to the fear?

“I commit myself to show that the Power of the MIND is the ability to create your own ILLUSION, and that the consequence to Earth and the Physical Flesh is not understood, but used for something as INSIDIOUS as Profit and Control of Behavior.”

The priority is to cooperate together in this physical reality rather than tend to our personal illusions. That these illusions created by my MIND and each one’s MIND holds a consequence to Earth and the Physical Flesh is true, and is another way of saying the human is the cause for everyone’s experience here on Earth – the human as each human is responsible.

“I commit myself to show that media is the extension of control for Profit that holds NO benefit to Life at all, but only feeds images of Fear as a constant stream to control the buying pattern of the human race – to keep the few wealthy and the man in Fear.”

Beyond the positive of seeing the perfect pictured presentation of your own gender, is the fear of not being good enough for others to be accepted by others as we know one thing: people are taught to discriminate against each other based on their body shape. What’s such a big step to include discrimination of one’s makeup, personality, voice tonality, clothing, swagger or lack of, body language? The part that’s not understood is in participating in these mind games, one becomes one of those people that discriminate, as evidenced by our backchat when we see someone not triggering our positive reactions. It is suggested that that positive feeling is in fact a physical response to fear, and that fear is generated by none other than ourselves.

“I commit myself to show that individuality based on the image in the MIND as personality is always defined by Fear, and Never anything that can be trusted.”

Individuality, a definition of that is best for ALL, should not be based on an image. It should be based on the quality of the actions and living principles that one embodies as a matter of breath, that one discovers each other’s beauty through interaction. But what Bernard is saying is any individuality based on a beautiful image or words that bring up beautiful imagery cannot be trusted. It can Never be trusted. So bringing that message back to Self, it means that I cannot trust myself to honour or respect Life in any way as long as I still value my image or personality a little more than the principle of what’s best for all life. The principle of what’s best for all life include for example what’s best for your body in fact for sleeping and eating, what words you should live that everybody can live to the fruition of everyone’s potential being enhanced, the absolute requirement to deconstruct and rid oneself of one’s personality that was built on the foundation of fear.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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