Day 360: Fear – Be AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID (Final Installment)

“I commit myself to show that the positive feeling in the mind is always the nice view of Fear, reacting to the addiction to Fear – and that the Mental Denial of Fear allows a free flow of the physical addiction to Fear, that keeps the physical feeling of the High Produced by the body in response to the Fear, and is then labeled as Love, or Light, or Meditation as Feeling – which only exists as a chemical response interpreted by the mind in ways to make sure the chemical addiction is satisfied.”

“I commit myself to show that psychologists are addicted to the same bodily responses that create feelings of well-being, that are responses NOT understood and analyzed in isolation from the body, caused to never really heal anyone, as psychology is the response to a society that seeks ways to deny the reality of the self-created fears that have dominated all known history.”

“I commit myself to show that media and journalism only feed on words that produce fear, as these words are consumed by the consumer to feed their addiction of the physical body to the body responses that are the way the world as Life has been accepted, junkies at Life, seeking the next high, regardless to the consequence to Life.”

“I commit myself to show that the body is always in agony due to the Mind feeding on it in various response patterns, forcing the body to produce chemicals in many ways to keep the experience of the Mind Bubble to NOT see reality – producing, just like with the use of drugs, a dreamlike state – while calling the dream of the mind real, and calling the physical that is real, a dream.”

“I commit myself to show that all the mind induced Dream states that create excitement are used by unscrupulous people that have no intent to produce a world that is Best for All Life, they are only interested in Profit to produce a Life for themselves in self-interest that will ensure their Illusion to be the Best Trip Ever.”

Reminds me of K-pop groups and how the designers behind Girl’s Generation let’s say, do the above.

“I commit myself to show that all Fear in all ways is always Self-Produced in the Mind, and Self-Believed as real – as that ensures that the body will produce the chemical substances of addiction the person has been exposed to since childhood, as the patterns the parent induced to get absolute control over the child so that the child will be occupied to not interfere in the Addictive Occupation of the Adult.”

“I commit myself to show that the Human Race is yet to Wake Up and that all Mind Jobs of Self-Realization are just ways used to find a better chemical producer by the Flesh on which to continue the High of the Addiction called Personality/Individuality. It is like the Robbing of the physical flesh of its resources, as constant raping of Life, just to have Feeling – like being on Drugs.”

“I commit myself to show that these Addictions to substances is all the Human has ever been – and that at the moment, few will have the resolve to Break the Addictions. Fortunately, Death ends this – but, what is visited upon the children, generation after generation, is atrocities of magnitudes yet to be Realized.”

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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