Day 372: Why Oppressed in a World of Plenty?

Work and play. I got irritated by a comment a person said to me about doing things – I felt as if I were being controlled from the get-go every single move I make. Which comes to my discussion.

How am I not being controlled when I accept myself to be a a character based on memory, where I have my memory dictate what I accept myself to do and not? What if this money and economic system were specifically designed to allow both work and play to nurture and keep me docile and accepting of the current economic system? Where I am only being nurtured as a cog in the system and not as a life equal to all other lives on Earth?

What is freedom in an economic system that enslaves and demands over half of the human population to be starving just because they have no money? Am I really free when I experience the feelings of freedom when playing, in every sense of the word? Am I really trapped when I experience the feelings of oppression when working, in every sense of the word? Surely with money, the man leisurely retired and wealthy is equally enslaved to money and the values pushed through money as any other working a job for the rest of their lives, and as any other struggling to make ends meet. The difference is the comfortability of low, medium, high comfort as a slave to a violent money system. What if the feelings of freedom and all feeling has been part of the distraction from the only real answer to this money system, which is to change it to a Living Income Guaranteed, to an Equal Money System? Which is done rather financially and politically instead of tantrum-based monologues between friends?

But the focus here is not so much on the outer change yet, it’s on the inner change necessary to enact the outer change. What I’m saying is maybe all of the – I will call – distractions as emotions, feelings, when working and playing has been part of the economic system game plan to keep itself established all along. To keep most of us wage slaves while we pine to be one of the first to make a fortune and rest in leisure. It’s sort of like the promotion scam in a company isn’t it? Not everyone will be promoted because of the effort they place into their work, and this is accepted. Same here; not everyone will become rich because of their dedication to life and their work, and this is accepted. Not to mention that it’s assumed that the measure of goodness is in a person’s wealth and money, NOT in their thoughts, words and deeds which reveal the real story.

The real question is who will we be when we conquer these emotions and feelings as distractions, so we are no longer slaves to emotions but rather master of our emotions? One thing for sure is we won’t waste so much time on detours of entertainment and chasing personal ideals of success which by the way, were fed to us since we were born indoctrinated until we submitted to accept these definitions of success as apparently valid, in a world where this success has driven humanity to imminent extinction.

That is what I want to know: who will I be when I stop running in circles of emotions, will I still be a slave in a world of plenty, in an economic system of inequality. As the people that read this, we have a greater responsibility to direct the world’s outcomes to what is best for ALL. This is done through financial and political action as mentioned.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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