Day 398:What Rewards For Dropping Ego?

This is part 2.  Part 1 is here.

Solution to acting arrogant. What arrogance really is is a form of showing off due to the insecurity within, that I am not good enough as I am, there is something wrong or lacking about me. Hence the attraction to those that are “cooler”/”more attractive”/”triggers more sex-related thoughts, emotions, and feelings and activates almost another world in you, another feeling”. With the sense of yearning to own and possess that someone, especially if they are of the opposite sex or if you’re gay, of the same sex. As such, it is necessary to apply forgiveness for the apparent lackings and insecurities and fears and worries and concerns you have about yourself. Secondly, apply forgiveness in terms of who triggers what in you, what words, images, feelings come up as you see this cool guy or girl.

Reward. The most rewarding reward I have to say, is no longer being programmed. What do I mean by this? Well, as you start to accumulate these programs of thought, words, into deeds, it becomes almost as if you are not the one that is breathing. It is as if you are not the one that is living. Your programs, your reactions, and your personality, is doing that for you. To accept thought as master means to accept constant, neverending, endless reaction to be your default state. There is no common sense in programs. Common sense comes from being the repo man taking back responsibility from those automated words mutated into feelings, thoughts, and the task is to let the obsessions go. Forgive yourself. Understand yourself fully, because if you did, you would not let a program decide your mannerisms, your likes, your dislikes, why are you not free to like everything equally?/why don’t you understand everyone and who they are at this stage in their lives, to see that your dislike become irrelevant in the face of this life force in front of you?

In the personal, that’s one reward. No longer being programmed and preprogrammed to fail at Life, but succeed at mind games. In the interpersonal, what you have to gain from stripping away this coolness ego personality is you learn to love people more, in a practicable, sustainable way. The real love that is a realization of yourself. Redirect yourself from prejudicing others severely, evidenced in gossip, to genuine, wanting to place you in their shoes not to ‘help them’ – they can only help themselves – but to help yourself – a greater self interest at play, living the words, what is best for you is best for all, where this you indicates your flesh, everyone shit the same way, your physical needs rather than your mental needs. That is mental, to have mental needs separate deliberately from your physical needs.

In the universal, imagine. If everyone were to drop their ego like what you are doing in one scenario call it, everyone becomes more one. Everyone wants to love their neighbour, the alternative to fighting with gossip. You become more equal to this universe in a vividly practical way: you are essentially dropping your mental needs to honour your physical needs. You are walking backwards back to the time when you were born and when things were not only simpler, but bursting to the brim with Life, a far more satisfying food than energy. Orgasm is an energy, likes and dislikes is an energy. If you are self honest, you would see that yes, your likes are an energy.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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