Day 467: On Process

Today I was painfully reminded of a memory of myself as a child, and being told there were children like me starving in the world. It got me depressed. I got even more depressed as I sifted through the decisions I made in my life that postponed the inevitable consequence. The world’s problem seemed really big in that moment. But then when I also looked at the process I have walked and what is necessary to be walked by everyone, I got really angry. How can something as primitive as our mind control matter in this monstrous way? Why have we shirked responsibility to our most deepest fears to mislead and destroy us? Is another day with a single child starving really necessary?

But I cannot underplay the mental torture that people are going through. The obsession for perfection, the best, being the first, you name it. And it would be criminal to undo their suffering for them. Because what is most valuable in the universe is not money, it’s the will to live call it that. It’s that will to break their own vicious cycles. That’s why I don’t to this day see myself as special. It’s because the most important point to grasp in process is yourself, that will to do no harm. Without that, everything that can be given is rendered meaningless. You can give everything that can be given to me, and I can still fuck it all up because I have no will. That can be the only realization I have and it’s enough to walk process effectively. I don’t understand the prissy footing that’s mucking around in the 7 Year Journey to Life; it’s your journey! Be self honest! No one here is going to judge you for having a realization that frees you to actually be a better person. I don’t think anybody cares if I make a mistake or two.

Anyways, for those not effectively reading the material, let me share why I think process is important. Your thoughts actually have an effect on your body’s condition; it’s the whole angry and you’re hot phenomenon magnified infinitely. Your thoughts affect the way you walk, talk, act. Your thoughts are the smaller that creates and defines your critical decision making that will have consequences for you way in the future. In very visceral terms, your thoughts define your life and how you will live it. What’s so irrational and daring to do some spring cleaning in your mind and stop the nasty thoughts? Your thoughts define you.

And be careful when saying it’s too big a task. You’re already making decisions as you are reading this blog. Those decisions are the results of thought. You decided to participate in those thoughts. What’s the big deal about deciding to stop?

I see process as an investment in my future, living the statement that I should not have a future unless I am willing to give to myself for my future. And to those clever beings that say I think too far ahead, your days are numbered. Just like mine were. But obviously you have a choice to live as if it’s not, but time waits for no one. I’m dying, slowly. What did you think my decision was at three? I decided to live as if there was no consequence. But reality will get you straight on that point.

Process is the most gentle way to regain some integrity and self trust. I mean if you aren’t willing to go to the detail necessary, self forgiveness will not work. It’s because you don’t work. And no one else is to blame. Isn’t it a necessary test of self will to work out your inner conflicts by yourself?

Process makes life fun again. It’s true. That day when you’re breathing and you feel like there’s not enough space, that’s when you will consider joining us at the 7 Year Journey to Life. I mean, you are the obvious obstacle to your happiness if there are inner conflicts ensuing in you.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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