Day 515: EQAFE Reviews, Life Review My Life Of Anger, Compromising Dreams for Money

Life Review – My Life of Anger (

Anger is a mind job. Re-listening to My Life of Anger Life Review recording, this is a fitting summary. I don’t need to go into the details of the recording to share the practical application. If anger is a mind job, then quickly sort out your mind before anger or fear really possesses you to wreak havoc on your life. The things I am angry about mostly originate from something before me, a personality base. Base based on opinions, unfounded in a religious setting of self righteousness, as we all know how easy it really is to believe we are right when the world is proving us wrong. The person in the life review basically illustrates how disempowered one actually is when one is possessed by angry emotions, and the cognitive dissonance between the feeling of the program of power, the power of exerting your anger and fear, and the actual disempowered position one place oneself in in one’s world. In this case the world, other people, and everything that exists won, traditions, systems, and everything. This person lost his life and the one opportunity to make a change in the world by placing himself through social networks to be effective in the world system. As a side note another reason why I will not take my own life.

Life Review – Compromising dreams for Money (

Compromising dreams for money. You have to have a future in the world system. How much of a person have you become because of money. How has money defined our very personhood? When are we going to present a solution, to be free to be ourselves in this world? We don’t actually know what’s going to happen in the next day, the next moment, we are not in control. Yet we are in control of who we are within what happens unpredictably. Experiment for yourself, try to guess another person’s reply to your input, you’ll find you never get it right.
For money, in all of its manifestations like parents, family, education, business, I compromised the very way I breathe in the world. Meaning I changed my entire demeanor because and for money. It’s a great fortune to have guessed wrong about what demeanor will attract the most money. I very quickly identified where I was still compromising myself and walked a tightly run process to get to this stage of expression in writing. I can see how much more difficult it would be if you guessed partly right. It would create the illusion that you have no choice but to act and speak in a specific manner, your life “depends on your demeanor”.

The great thing about the Life Review series is the consideration that you, for a couple of bucks, get the opportunity to live a life through the person’s words and hear their life lessons as you are hearing yourself if placed in such circumstance. It’s the greed of wanting to live multiple lives, to learn more wisdom and “get it right” from the beginning, and not have to walk so many detours. You get this chance for each and every single life review on EQAFE. You get to realize the essence of other people’s lives lived, the wisdom, and apply it immediately to your own life, so that you do not walk so many detours.

The reason why I’m not getting enough money is probably because I’m now unwilling to change my demeanor for money. Because have a look, money as the money system presents through TV a very specific personality, the personality of success. And it’s plain to see how many of us try our best to align to this specific personality to great failure. That’s an aspect of fashion that isn’t openly discussed, the aspect of displaying an image of success through fashion. Remember that the mind is obsessed, completely bonkers, about image and self image and body language, your whole picture perfect presentation of you. In spite of one’s obsession with pictures, we definitely experience from time to time – seldom though – us really enjoying ourselves and therefore accepting and embracing ourselves. But can you imagine, if you stop your panzy actions to pretty up your picture, you can enjoy yourself all the time? I’m one human that’s the living embodiment of such a message. I used to be obsessed with my picture. Now I’m not, and as a consequence my relationships have greater depth because what I share is of greater depth. My experience of myself is of greater depth too because I’m not preoccupied with the fear driving me to pretty up my picture. Imagine: all this you can have in the comfort of your home, if you would only write, and write specifically about how money has shaped you. You as in all of you, from the way you talk, to the way you walk, dress, emote, sleep, wake up, all verbs.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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