Day 519: Dear Humanity

I reread some of my blogs to come to the conclusion that what I’m doing is not enough. I’m not condensing the realizations to be easy to read enough, I’m not placing enough realizations in one blog so that people can maybe learn something after reading. In the meantime the world is chugging away in boundless creativity as to the next big thing you can fail with. I’m at odds with the Facebook feed being a real time indication of what people are willing to accept. And so far it’s been consumerism, sex, fear disguised as health, conspiracy disguised as politics, and a weak hope in humanity using weak reasons as to how evolved we are compared to us in the last 20 years let’s say.

I know what you are going to say. “What do YOU have in mind then smart ass?” No I’m not aligning myself opposite to the Facebook feed. Like the education system, it’s what’s here and therefore we must work WITH what is here. Maybe a re-definition of the Facebook feed from a feed that feeds you your interests, to a feed that throws temptation in utmost specificity in real time to your eyes only. The Facebook feed affirms my faith in humanity to consistently produce that which will make the human fall into temptation and pick their poison in this life. Let me say the world is toxic in terms of specifying and providing a picture of every possible way you can fuck up your life. But no matter how “toxic” in words and pictures, we are still breathing comfortably in this world, which is the real time opportunity that is this life that each one has, to shift the momentum from self destructive to something more uplifting. Toxic is a way to describe the music and fashion industry which seem to be the primary money siphons of our teenagers and young adults. Despite the educational aspect of music and fashion, it’s being deliberately handled to mislead and justify irresponsibility in today’s youth. And made to foster an unrealistic view of the world in young people, in which the young people do one of two things: get over their expectations of the world and settle for a life in the world system, or not get over their expectations and not settle in a life in the world system. It’s tiring to be someone in the education system these days, because on the one hand you’re impulsed by music and fashion to be irresponsible and “be yourself by fucking everyone else” attitude, but on the other hand the education system – later replaced by the job system – is demanding at a level of your beingness obedience in the critical decision making moments in your life.

And no one is educating these young people a healthy attitude that works with the world system, it’s almost as if everyone is expected to “get it” or else you’re responsible for the consequences. But you’re also responsible for the consequences of if you obey and not understand the greater responsibility you hold in directing populations of young people. The greater responsibility also of maintaining the money system that enforces a lot of unnecessary behaviour. With money you can do anything, including supporting solutions to get everyone to an equal understanding of their responsibility for the world system as it exists immediately. We need this because the greater the ignorance, the more chaos ensues on a society level and the more people get kicked out of the money system and the whole story.

It must be said: if everyone is waiting for everyone to make this world system change as easy as saying yes, the world system wins! That’s modern divide and conquer. I’m not going to mention the half the world starving because that’s a world system problem that will be easily solved if everyone started cooperating in getting everyone to equal understanding of the responsibility of being an upstanding citizen with money in their pocket and a stable income.

I understand: this cooperation business is mired by personal vendettas and issues and personal history and whatnot, but we’re daily waking up and moving forward in making the world hell. Please, do you have any sanity left to register what you’re doing? Everything has ripple effects.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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