Day 520: EQAFE Reviews, Life Review – When you Lose your Money – you Lose your Friends, I am a Nerd and Proud of It

Life Review – When you Lose your Money – you Lose your Friends (

Gambling, money morality.

Imagine having everything and more, then losing all of it knowing you are responsible for it – losing all your money. Money as a constant injection of drugs, and then not knowing who you are without money. No one coming to ask you how you are after having lost everything. How much would you really do for another person? No one to find solutions and get you back on your feet.

We manifest who we are, if that is fear of money of always wanting to handle money in the money morality of give and take, it will manifest in your life. Rather you stand in a relationship with money, where you can still walk it through no matter what happens.

A world where no one is driven or left alone each life is regarded, considered. Where we are lifted to strive for life, rather than led to moments where we believe we want to die.

Something to note in this life review is the way I have been treating my friends in terms of actual consideration, have I really done everything I can to support others in walking their life. Because neighbours that do not regard each other creates an environment suitable for suicide, death, giving up, giving in. Giving up on yourself, giving into the will of corporate heads or your boss, not giving a damn of what consequences your actions will have on all others. Do you see how not caring fuels itself in a vicious cycle? You don’t care about others, then others don’t care about you, then you ask why me. This is a wakeup call for everyone, including me, to start really regarding and considering those around me.


Life Review – I am a Nerd and Proud of it (

You can only change your life experience on Earth if everyone’s life experiences change with you. Many people miss this point. Our life is not our own, our life is with everyone else in this world. Therefore directing and changing your life must be done by changing and directing everyone else’s life.
If you can face your mind, you can face the world.

How can you be with someone when you haven’t discovered yourself? How can you experience the world if you don’t know the world?

Always consider within your life experience, who are you.

Someone that has integrity is someone that aligns themselves to something greater, something more than self interest, that stands by their decision of who they are.

Sex and relationships really wreaked havoc on my life, I’d say in my life it was the primary distraction keeping me from adding 1 + 1 to decide what direction I’ll commit myself to in this life. Standing by who you are and what you realize about this existence and this world is tough insomuch we are conditioned from young to care about what other people think of us. But this care is not caring, it’s fear. Fear of getting the short end of the stick if everyone unanimously disagrees with who you are basically.

This life review focuses on how standing by your decision and your realizations is really important, strangely enough. And that being popular or hanging out with the cool kids is secondary to your decision. I’m not in education anymore, but I would say that learning – the real learning and not the phony you see in schools – is damn important and that if you enjoy learning, reading, to not reject that part of yourself just because of wanting to be popular. And what is stressed is the education years are what will be the foundation from which you will create your future self and your future world, and this future world. Hence the reason why so much money is spent on education, albeit in total ignorance of the processes students go through which is like a systematized form of bullying to either promote a picture perfect presentation, or “face the consequences of not”. In the long run, I’m reminding you, a few people disliking your decision isn’t going to change what it is you’re in the process of creating for yourself in this life. And what you’re creating, your life that is you, is the essence of your realizations about this life and to negate that for other people’s bullshit is stupid.

My tip for students today is to trust yourself and what you see more than what others present. That doesn’t mean not listening and for example, stopping reading this blog, it means honouring the one space, that’s inside you, that only you have the privilege of caring about and that only you can care about, and to put it bluntly fuck the rest. You know one thing, you have a part of you that is of mind, of internal spoken words, and a part that’s not, and you don’t know – you really don’t – how much bullshit goes through people’s minds as a general rule of thumb. That’s how people in general come up with the most bullshit unintelligible short statements about you with no context. So here’s me reminding you to honour that part of you that sees without words, that doesn’t require thinking. Stick to what you really know and see and understand about yourself, what you really actually like doing in this world, and don’t bat an eyelid for your audience that is your peers. They can say anything they like because they aren’t you. That means your audience as your world as your relationships think about it, they’re separated even more from what you are really thinking, and from what you see to be truth. That’s why people in general don’t understand. But as a joke they will understand when you make some money and position yourself effectively in the world.

From birth to death, #1, no one is responsible for your future except yourself, irregardless of who supports you along the way, your parents, other people. That means in the long run, only you have to live with your decisions to drugs, alcohol, and sex, for example, and the respective consequence. NOT everyone else that tries to tell you what to do, no matter how successful or powerful they may seem. So #2, which is an outflow of #1, make prudent decisions about your life especially when it comes to what will become part of your daily to weekly to monthly routine. You can be anal about what will enter your life, and it’s still not enough. You have to be specific and bonkers anal about what you do on a daily, weekly basis. That’s how to be prudent in a nutshell.

The music and fashion industry only cares about the money you’re going to spend on it and not your future. So many including me missed this point. I will be more specific to say that any industry in the world only cares about your or your parent’s money siphoning into it and not your future. So act accordingly, be sparing about what you accept and allow.



About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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