Day 521: EQAFE Review, MY Message to ALL Rebellious Spirits (= EVERYONE)

Life Review – My life of Self-Mutilation (

Being a bit excessive in enforcing ‘who I am’ in rebellion against the world system is NOT going to be supported by the system, the system plays by the rules of ‘this is how I want you to be’ ‘this is how I demand you to be’ ‘this is how you must live’/’this will be your preoccupations at this stage in your life’

The true nature of revenge is myself. Instead of questioning my experiences I inverted the anger/frustration towards myself, and projected it onto a person or a world system.

The mantra, “I want to be who I am’ comes through in all human beings on Earth. What you’re really experiencing is conflict where within your beingness you know, you’re being forced into a reality where something’s wrong.

You basically essentially suffer if you in any way are against the system, the opinions of the system, what they demand of you, what they expect you to say.

There’s a three way conflict going on in “I want to be who I am”: between the world/society, me wanting to be who I am, and my beingness experience of being imprisoned and locked into a world/reality

To stop this, or prevent this, get rid of all rebellious pretentions of “I want to be who I am and fuck everyone else” attitude. It’s not going to get you anywhere, if you really look at the consequences so far of this stance within you.

The world plays according to how I want you to be, how I demand you to be, how you must live (speaking as the system).

BUT you’re not really being imprisoned, locked, or captured in this world. That’s an interpretation/experience, alluding to you knowing you’re being moulded and shaped very specifically as you go through the world system.

THE SOLUTION is to USE the mind, the world system, what we already are. Get to know yourself, your mind, the world system you interact with daily, and change your mind and the world to nurture future generations which includes you to nurture Life as THE Life.

After going through my notes on this life review, I have been guilty of wanting to oppose the world system through simple disagreement, which implies muted participation in the world system in all its facets. The solution is far simpler: GET TO KNOW your mind what you already are, what the world system already is, and like a virus insert yourself to BE and BECOME the beast/world system, and change it from within. Beyond the rules and demands is A LOT of SPACE where you can EXERCISE your creativity to make life easier for those around you, in the spirit of creating a world that NURTURES THE Life, and not just makes empty promises.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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